Shri Indra Prakash Gupta: Sad News

We are very sorry and sad for the sad demise of our respected and beloved Mausaji who left us this morning at 8;;30 AM after a brief illness.
He came from a modest family of Kandhla (Muzaffarnagar ). His parents lived with him most of the time. They were also excellent, very affectionate and very caring people. Mausaji lived wonderful life and left behind a great family – Mausi ji, his sons – Sudhir (Jaipur), Sunil (California, USA), Sushil (Faridabad), and Dilip (Delhi ) and a daughter Sunita ( Toronto, Canada) ; all very nicely settled in their life.

He was very affectionate and caring person. After the death of Sushma’s mother, Madhur (Bale), younger sister of Sushma was left alone at Aligarh. He was the one who took her full responsibility; kept her with him, arranged her marriage in a nice family.
When we were living in Dehradun he was living in Rishikesh. We often met him. We always enjoyed his company and lived with him on several occasions. 

He was ever young, smiling and smart person. He achieved all the best in his life; reached at the top of his career as Chief Engineer, PWD, UP. He lived a very happy, satisfactory and successful life.
After completing the mission of this life, he left us to day for a better mission. God bless his soul in rest and peace, give all of us to bear this great loss of dear one.
He will ever be remembered for his love and care for us.



Family and Social Networking

We have a big family from our parents; we are FIVE brothers and TWO sisters; We thank God that all of us have settled very well with our individual family members though widely settled nationally and internationally;
I being the eldest in the family, have some responsibility to see that all of us live well and live in harmony with each other and possibly care for each other; Here, I would like to give some details about the family of each member of the family;

Five Brothers:

one SON settled in USA
one daughter settled in USA

LAXMI NARAIN GUPTA settled in Kankhal-Haridwar
one SON lives in Ghaziabad/DehraDun
one daughter lives in Bareilly

SANTOSH KUMAR GUPTA settled in Indore

one daughter lives in Kutchh?Damoh, MP
one daughter lives in Indore
one daughter lives in Jaipur
one daughter lives in Mumbai

VIRENDRA KUMAR GUPTA settled in DehraDun

one SON lives in Bangalore
one daughter lives in Singapore

KRISHAN MOHAN LAL GARG settled in DehraDun ( unfortunately left us untimely at very age)

one daughter settled in DehraDun ( married in Haldaur )
one daughter lives in Hills of Uttrakhand
one daughter lives with her mother

TWO Sisters

LAKSHMI DEVI Jwalapur ( unfortunately left us prematurely )

one SON settled in Jwalapur
one SON settled in Jwalapur
one daughter settled in Rishikesh
one daughter lives in Mumbai
one daughter settled in Muzaffarnagar

RAJ BANSAL settled in Sahranpur

one daughter lives in Laksar
one daughter settled in Roorkee
one daughter settled in Ghaziabad
One SON lives in USA

so, our big family has THREE + THREE = SIX Boys
and has TEN + SIX = SIXTEEN Girls

a total of TWENTY TWO (22) Children

With the recent advancement of technology and consequently Globalization, the world has become a global village; distances in the places have reduced dramatically, perhaps it is easier to travel to Singapore or to New York now than it was to travel from my home town Jhalu to District place-Bijnor only about 5 Kms .in good old days; However , distances among the people have increased , people sitting in the same room with smart phones are not with each other; with the increasing population, world has become very crowded and individuals are isolated and finding themselves lost or alone in this crowd especially the seniors.
ICT ( Information Communication Technology) has tremendous capability to connect the people and bring them together.; The Whats up, Hangout, Skype etc. have provided very simple , useful and powerful means to connect people and new means to bring them together with a strong platform of effective communication to know each other in much better way. Social Networking is important tool for developing SOCIAL CAPITAL which has tremendous strength for further developing FINANCIAL Capital and finally SPIRITUAL CAPITAL; Spiritual Capital is the only thing which goes with us at the end of life rest is all left behind.

Of recently, I found many of my childhood friends of primary school, Middle school, High School, and the Universities etc. also colleagues from the various work places and it was very exciting talking to them, knowing about them , their families etc. They are spread all over the world. Talking matters of old days is very enjoying;

Who Lived and Ruled for How Many Years??

Who Lived and Ruled for How Many Years
In Indian mythology many people lived for many thousands of years, people in Kali Yug cannot even think about it.

(1) Hiranyakashyap – ruled for 730 million years.

(2) Dhruv (Uttaanpaad’s son) – ruled for 36,000 years.

(3) Raajaa Bali – ruled for 21 million years

(4) Alark
In Chandra Vansh, Pururavaa’s son was Aayu, Aayu’s son was Khatravriddh, Kshatravriddh’s son was Suhotra.
Suhotra -> Kaashya -> Kaasheya -> Deerghtapaa -> Dhavantari -> Ketumaan -> Bheemarath -> Divodaas -> Pratardan -> Alark
Alark ruled for 66,000 years in his young age.
[Vishnu Puraan, 4/7, Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/10]

(5) Nahush’s son Yayaati – ruled for 80,000 years (In Pururavaa’s Vansh)

(6) Yayaati’s youngest son Puru ruled for 100,000 years

(6) ) – ruled for 27,000 years.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/12]
Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg-3, p 276-278 says that he ruled for 36,000 years

(7) Arjun (Kritveerya’s son) – enjoyed pleasures for 85,000 years
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/14]

(8) Dasharath
It is said that Raajaa Dasharath got his children in his fourth (means last period) of his life. Everybody knows that Raam went with Vishwaamitra at the age of 16 years just for a few days. At he same time He was married to Seetaa. After getting married, He lived in Ayodhyaa only for 13 years and after that went to forest. So He was about 29 years old when He went to forest and within a couple days Dasharath Jee died. It means he lived only 29-30 years more after getting his children. V-Raamaayan says that he got his children at the age of 66,000 years.
[V-Raamaayan, 1/6/20]

(9) Raam (Dasharath’s son) – ruled for 13,000 years.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/6] [V-Raamaayan, 7/20/51] says that He ruled for 10,000 years.
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How Many Times Draupadee Was Humiliated

How Many Times Draupadee Was Humiliated
Draupadee was humiliated several times in her life, but how many times and where?

(1) First humiliation came to her silently when she married one man but was forced to marry five men on the order of her mother-in-law Kuntee. Although people may not count it as humiliation, but it was humiliation for a woman to marry five men.

(2) Second, at the time of Dice Game, when she was lost by Paandav in Dice game. She was brought to the court in an odd condition by pulling her hair by Dushaasan and was disrobed by him on instigated by Karn

(3) Third, when she was in exile, in the forest, when Duryodhan sent Durvaasaa Rishi with his 10,000 disciples to have food with Paandav. He sent them at such a time when Draupadee couldn’t feed them. Krishn helped her by eating a leaf and satisfying the whole world by it.

(4) Fourth, also when she was in exile, in the forest, by Jayadrath. When he saw her he tried to lure her. Arjun fought with Jayadrath and brought Draupadee back, although later Draupadee freed Jayadrath by leaving his head with five Chottee in remembrance of five Paandav.

(5) Fifth, in her Agyaatvaas period in Viraat’s court, Keechak humiliated her. She requested Bheem to intervene and kill him. Then Bheem killed him, although this killing disposed Paandav to Kaurav.

(6) And in the last Ashwatthaamaa killed her all sons in sleep.
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Who and who Saw Krishn’s Chatur-bhuj Roop or Viraat Roop?

Who Saw Krishn’s Chatur-bhuj Roop or Viraat Roop?

Although Krishn lived for 123 (or 125) years, still not everybody was lucky to see His Chatur-bhuj or Viraat Roop. Then who and who saw His that Roop?

(1) Arjun
The first name comes to our mind is of His cousin and friend or say His own form – Arjun. He saw His both Roop at the time of hearing Geetaa, when he got afraid to see His Viraat Roop, he requested Him to show His Chatur-bhuj Roop.

(2) Sanjaya
Sanjaya was given Divine Sight to see MBH war, so Sanjaya also saw Bhagavaan’s Viraat Roop

(3) In Kaurav Court
When Krishn went to Dhritraashtra as a peace messenger from Paandav’s side, on Duryodhan’s ill behavior, He showed His Vishwa Roop. MBH, G-5-Prewar/18 says that it was seen by Drone, Bheeshm, Vidur, Sanjaya and some Rishi to whom Krishn gave Divine sight.

(4) Jaraasandh
The second name is of Jaraasandh, Krishn fought with him in His Chaturbhuj Roop.
[Padm Puraan, 5/45]

(5) Kaalayavan Daitya
Kaalayavan Daitya also saw Krishn in His Chaturbhuj Roop. He had never seen Krishn before. Naarad Jee gave His description to him. So when he went to invade Mathuraa, Krishn came out of the city in His Chaturbhuj Roop without any weapon in His hands and on foot. Seeing Him in this Roop Kaalayavan immediately recognized Him as Krishn and wanted to fight with Him and capture Him.
[ Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u2]

(6) Muchukund
Muchukund also saw Krishn’s Chatur-bhuj Roop when he was awakened from his long sleep by Kaalyavan Raakshas by hitting him by his foot. He burnt Kaalyavan to ashes as he saw him and he saw Bhagavaan standing in the cave.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u2]

(7) 20,800 Kings Imprisoned by Jaraasandh
Jaraasandh had imprisoned 20,800 kings in a fort in a valley. They sent a message to Krishn to free them. Krishn came with Arjun and Bheem and killed him. When He freed them, they saw Him in His Chatur-bhuj Roop.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u14]

(8) Jaraa
Jaraa named hunter who killed Krishn saw His Chaturbhuj Roop when he came to pick his hunt.
[Vishnu Puraan, 5/14]

(9) Uttank
Muni Uttank also saw Viraat Roop when Krishn was returning to Dwaarakaa after the war.
[MBH, G-7-Postwar/19]

(10) Parashuraam Jee
Mahaabhaarat describes the incident of Parashuraam meeting with Raam and in that incident Raam gives him Divine sight and shows His Viraat Roop to him. Although Maanas and Raamaayan do not mention this.
[MBH, G-4-Van/17]

Who Was Born to Kill Whom?

Who Was Born to Kill Whom
In our mythology many people were born to kill certain people. Who are they?

(1) Shikhandee
Shikhandee was born to kill Bheeshm. Shikhandee was the incarnation of Ambaa who vowed to kill Bheeshm.
[MBH, Ambaa]

(2) Dhrishtdyumn
Drupad got him to kill Drone. Drupad had a severe enmity with Drone as much as that he did a Yagya to get a son to kill him.
[“Enmity With Drupad”]

(3) Ashwatthaamaa
Drone’s son Ashwatthaamaa was born to kill Dhrishtdyumn.

(4) Pradyumn
Pradyumn was born to kill Shambaraasur. That is why when Pradyumn was only seven days old, he stole him from Rukminee’s room and threw him in Lavan Sea. Although Shambaraasur threw him in Lavan Sea to kill him, still he did not die there. One fish swallowed him. A fisherman caught that fish and seeing a good fish brought that fish for the King Shambaraasur. Shambaraasur gave it to his cooks to cook it. When the cooks cut it they found a baby inside its stomach. They gave the baby to Maayaavatee – Shambaraasur’s maid-servant. Maayaavatee brought up him with great love, thus he grew up in Shambaraasur’s palace only. Later he killed him.
[Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u5]

(5) Saatyaki
Saatyaki was born, not to really kill Bhoorishravaa, but to take the revenge of his grandfather’s insult. How? Raajaa Shoorsen, the father of Vasudev and grandfather of Krishn, had a cousin named Sinee. There was once the Swayamvar for Devakee (the sister of Kans). Sinee went to that Swayamvar and abducted her to make her the wife of Vasudev. At that time Somdatt was the king in Kuru House. He was very powerful. Somdatt was the son of Baahleek (Shaantanu’s brother). He resented the act of Sinee and challenged him for fight. Sinee won. He caught Somdatt by hair and placed his foot on his chest. This was a great insult to Kuru House. So Somdatt prayed to Bhagavaan and got a Var for a son who would do the same thing with one of the descendents of Sinee. He got Bhoorishravaa as his son and Saatyaki was the grandson of Sinee.

(6) Krishn
Krishn was born to kill Kans. Kans knew this that is why he tried to kill Krishn many times, but failed. Later Krishn killed him.
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The Soot Putra in Mahabharat

Who and Who Are the Soot Putra in MBH
Soot Putras are those, as defined, whose father is a Braahman and mother is a Kshatriya. By this definition many people can be counted as Soot Putra, such as Dhritraashtra, Paandu, etc. Still the famous ones are —

(1) Karn – The most famous one is Karn

(2) Adhirath – Saarathee of Shaantanu

(3) Keechak – Brother of Sudeshnaa (King Viraat’s wife) who also becomes a Soot Putree. Keechak is Prince of Kekaya? but also is a Soot. King of Kekaya married a Yaadav Princess and was a co-brother to Paandu hence Keechak was step-cousin to Paandav. So there is a probability that Kuntee’s sister married a Soot or someone whose at least one wife was Soot (Karn is cited having Soot wives as disqualifying him from marrying Draupadee as a Soot Putra).

In Indonesian legends, Keechak is either the son to Paraashar and Satyavatee or a descendent of Satyavatee


(5) Vishok – Saarathee of Bhem – he was the son of Krishn, so Krishn had him either from a Braahman woman or a woman of the Soot birth.

(6) Ugrashravaa – is famous as Soot Jee – he used to tell Puraan etc stories to Rishi.

(7) Romharshan – r was also a Soot. He was a very dear disciple of Ved Vyaas Jee and in spite of being a Soot, he taught him Puraan and Itihaas (Mahaabhaart) which he recited to other Rishi. He was killed by Balaraam Jee when he was on his Teerth Yaatraa.

WHO and WHO talked to GOD?

Who Talked to Gods in Mahaabhaarat?
There are a few people who have talked to gods in Mahaabhaarat, who are they…?

(1) Karn
–Karn was the son of Soorya Dev. He talked to Soorya Dev and Indra Dev. When MBH war was to start, Indra knew that Karn had indestructible armor (Kavach) and earrings (Kundal) and they will not let his son Arjun win him, so he decided to take them from him. He went to him in disguise of a Braahman and begged for them at the time that he could not refuse him.

–Knowing Indra’s intention, Soorya Dev came to him to warn him not to give them to Indra, but Karn could not agree with him, then Soorya Dev asked him to ask for Indra’s Shakti (Power) in exchange of his Kavach and Kundal.

(2) Arjun
–Arjun was the son of Indra Dev. When it was decided that Paandav had to fight with Kaurav, Krishn suggested Arjun to obtain Divine weapons. So Arjun pleased Indra Dev and asked Divine weapons. He told him that first he had to take Paashupat Astra from Shiv Jee, then he is most welcome to enter Swarg and take Divine weapons.

–So Arjun pleased Shiv Jee and Shiv Jee encountered him in disguise of a Kiraat. Shiv Jee defeated him and pleased with his fight gave his Paashupat Astra to him. Only after that he could enter Swarg and brought Divine Astra from his father.

(3) Yudhishthir
–While in exile, just in the beginning, Yudhishthir worshipped Soorya Dev to get food for all his followers. So Soorya Dev gave him a Divine pot which will not be empty from food unless Draupadee would eat from that pot.

–While in exile, once Draupadee asked for water to drink and Yudhishthir asked Sahadev to bring water for her. Sahadev found a pond, and as he was about to take water from it, he was warned by its caretaker that unless he would answer his questions he could not take water from there. Sahadev neglected his warning and when he took the water to drink, he fell lifeless on its bank. Thus all four brothers came there and fell lifeless by ignoring the caretaker’s warning. In the end Yudhishthir came there and he answered all his questions, got his all brothers back to life. The caretaker of that pond was Dharm Raaj – his own father himself.
Who Talked to Gods Other Than in Mahaabhaarat?
There are some other people also, outside Mahaabhaarat, who talked to gods —-

(1) Saavitree
Saavitree talked to Yam Raaj

(2) Nachiketaa

Rishi /Muni Who Married Kings’ Daughters ;

Rishi /Muni Who Married Kings’ Daughters
There are many Rishi who married kings’ daughters. In all cases the kings did not want to marry their daughters to Rishi, but they had to marry them. Rishi married them and pleased them in strange ways and had children from them.

(1) Agastya Rishi
When Agastya Rishi wanted to marry, he could not get a woman of his choice, so he created one through his mind and kept her in the palace of Vidarbh Desh King. When she became of marriageable age he asked King her hand. The King hesitated to marry his beautiful daughter to a sage, but Agastya Jee threatened him of his curse, so the Princess Lopaamudraa herself offered to her father to marry Agastya Jee. Both started living happily. Lopaamudraa had left all her royal living and lived like a hermit’s wife. She served him with all her true heart, speech and actions. Pleased with her services, Agastya Rishi told her that he wanted to give her a child. At this Lopaamudraa recollected her royal living. She told Muni, that if he wanted to to come to her, he had to give her good clothes and jewelry and he himself also had to wear good clothes, otherwise their meeting was not possible.

Agastya Jee said – “I am a Rishi, where from I can bring jewelry and good clothes?” Lopaamudraa said – “You have lots of powers, you can do any thing.” At this Agastya Jee went to several kings but according to him none had enough money to give to him. One king then suggested him to go to Ilval and Vaataapi Daitya as they had lots of money. Agastya Jee went there and asked them some wealth. They were cannibals, they planned to eat him, but Agastya Jee was had guessed it before so he ate one of them and took wealth from the other one and came back. He then adorned his wife, met her and had a son named Dridhasyu.

(2) Kardam Rishi
Kardam Rishi married Manu’s daughter Devahooti at the order of Brahmaa Jee. Devahooti lived with him like a hermit’s wife. She served him so well that Rishi got very pleased with her services and gave her all his powers. She then requested him to give her children. At this Kardam Rishi created a Vimaan (air plane), gave her beautiful Roop (look) and wandered in that Vimaan for many long years enjoying lie. Then they came home and Kardam Rishi enjoyed with her in nine forms and had nine daughters during this period.

(3) Saubhari Rishi
Saubhari Rishi was engaged in his Tapsyaa that one day while taking bath in a river, he saw a fish playing with his wife and children, so he also longed for the family life. he went to the then king of Ayodhyaa – Maandhaataa. Maandhaataa had 50 daughters and Rishi asked him to marry his any one daughter whoever liked him, to him. Maandhaataa could not apparently refused the Muni, so he said – “If any of my daughters is ready to marry you I will surely marry her to you.” And he sent him to his daughters’ palace. Muni changed his form into a young handsome man and entered the princesses’ palace. All Princesses got ready to marry him. His people reported him that his all daughters got ready to marry him. Hearing this the King got very surprised but could not do anything except to marry his all daughters to him with heavy heart. Saubhari Rishi, with the effect of his Yog, built 50 palaces for his 50 princess wives with all kinds of comforts and luxuries and enjoyed with them.

After a while King got restless and wished to see his daughters, so he came to Rishi’s Aashram. he got stunned to see Rishi’s Aashram. He entered one of the palaces and met his one daughter. The daughter told him all whatever had happened after he married her to Rishi. King asked her whether she was happy? She said – “Very much, but she was worried about her other sisters who might be thinking that I have taken their husband.” The King asked – “Why do you think so?” “Because Rishi always lives with me and I don’t see him going anywhere leaving me alone.” Hearing this the King got sad for his other daughters. So he went to his second daughter. He had the same experience there also, and in the third daughter’s house also. Then he understood everything that Rishi was enjoying with them in as many forms as his wives were. He went to Rishi, greeted him, expressed his gratitude and came back to his city. Saubhari Rishi many children from those 50 daughters.

(4) Richeek Rishi
When Richeek Rishi wanted to marry, he went to King Gaadhi and asked the hand of his beautiful daughter Maandhaataa. Gaadhi did not want to give his daughter to him, so he said – “Ours is Kushik Vansh and our daughters are difficult to marry. Richeek Muni understood, he asked him – “What do you want?” Gaadhi asked him to give him 1,000 white horses with one of their ears black. Richeek Muni went to Varun Dev, brought 1,000 such horses, gave them to the King and married Satyavatee.

Once both Satyavatee and her mother requested him to give them a son. So Muni prepared two Charu, one for each, and instructed them how to take it. Satyvatee’s mother thought that Muni must have prepared a better Charu for his own wife so she took her daughter’s Charu herself, and gave her own Charu to her daughter. Muni came to know about this and he said to Satyavatee – “Now you will have a king-like son who will kill many people and your mother will have a saintly son.” Hearing this Satyavatee got frightened, fell on Muni’s feet and told that she did not want such a son, she wanted only a saintly son. Then Muni said – “All right, Then your grandson will be like this.” After this Gaadhi had Vishwaamitra as his son, and Satyavatee had Rishi Jamadagni as her son

Once Raajaa Sharyaati, Manu’s son, came out for hunting along with his family and camped near Chyavan Rishi’s Aashram. His daughter Sukanyaa, while wandering around with her friends, came towards Rishi’s Aashram. At that time he was busy in his Tapasyaa. He was there for quite some time so even ants had built their house around him. Sukanyaa could not understand it, she saw only two holes in that anthill, so out of curiosity sake she picked up a straw and inserted it in both the holes. They were the holes for Muni’s eyes, so his eyes got pierced and blood started oozing out from them. She got frightened and came back to her camp. Chyavan Rishi got angry and with his Yog power, he stopped King’s army’s excretion system. When Sharyaati came to know about this, he understood that somebody had done something to the Muni, so he asked everybody who had done what to the Muni. Sukanyaa said – “Perhaps I have done something.” and told him everything. The King immediately went to Chayavan Rishi’s place, asked for his forgiveness and asked him what he could do for him to make him pleased. He told him to marry his daughter to him. The King was not ready for this but seeing the delicacy of the situation, both the King and Sukanyaa got ready; and the King married his daughter to Muni. Now Sukanyaa started serving Muni very sincerely and faithfully.

Once Muni asked Sukanyaa to give him a son. At this Sukanyaa asked him to be young, finely dressed with jewelry. Chayavan Roshi said – “I am a Rishi from where I will bring these things?” Sukanyaa said – You are a great Tapaswee, you can get anything you want.” Chyavan Rishi said – “I do not want to waste my Tap on such trivial things.”

Once when she was taking bath in a pond, Ashwinee Kumaar were passing from skyway. They saw beautiful Sukanyaa, came down and asked her who was she and why she was there alone in that forest? Sukanyaa said – “I am the daughter of King Sharyaati and the wife of Muni Chyavan. Who are you?” Ashwinee Kumaar said – “That Muni is old and blind, why don’t you choose one of us and live comfortably. We are Ashwinee Kumaar, we will give you everything what you deserve for.” Sukanyaa said – ” I am a Pativrataa woman and serve my husband faithfully. It does not look nice from you being Devtaa.” At this Ashwinee Kumaar said – “We are very happy with your faithfulness, so if you wish we can give youth and eyesight to your husband.” “Let me ask him.” Sukanyaa went home and told everything to Chyavan Rishi. Chyavan Rishi agreed. Ashwinee Kumaar took him to take a dip in the pond, and when they came out all look alike – young and beautiful. Sukanyaa could not recognize her husband. She meditated on Ashwinee Kumaar and Ashwinee Kumaar gave her power to recognize her husband.

RISHI/MUNI: Rishi for whom children born during Tapasaya

Children Born During Tapasyaa Period
As normally it is believed or instructed that while doing any Tapasyaa one should follow Brahmcharya, here are some examples when Rishi did Tapasyaa and had children during that period —

(1) Vishwaamitra
Vishwaamitra did Tapasyaa three times to get powers – Once he did Tapasyaa to please Shiv Jee and got weapons. Next time he did Tapasyaa and pleased Brahmaa Jee. At that time he had four sons.