FOREIGN FOLKTALES in HINDI;2 देश विदेश की लोक कथाएँ, हिंदी में प्रकाशित:

Sushma Gupta  has translated more than 1200 foreign folktales from Africa, America, Canada and Europe etc. for Hindi speaking people in India and abroad: These folktales are being published in print and Digital media from different channels. I would like to place their information over here for our friends on social media:
1. A page has been created for these folktales on my face book for reading stories from various people and also information about the accessibility of folktales in other media:

Details of such stories about EHTIOPIA are given 

Here are details of some more interesting stories about Italy published in;

Folktales from Italy-1 (15 folktales)

Folktales from Italy-2 (17 folktales)

Folktales from Italy-3 (10 folktales)

Folktales from Italy-4 (11 folktales)

Folktales from Italy-5 (18 folktales)


LISTEN TEXT in your favourite LANGUAGE including HINDI

one can hear the stories or any other matter from a TEXT by using  ttsread  app.;
one can listen stories ( from Text) ; it is really good for children at home and in the school to tell the stories in the language they understand; Good for visually Handicapped Children who can not read the text from the books , they can enjoy listening the stories or benefit from the literature in any language to any language; Step by step procedure is given below as how to download the app on the computer; once installed on the computer then very simple to use by bringing the text to computer and clicking the RED SPEAKER Icon on the computer , normally on the upper RIGHT corner of the computer in the address bar; You may also use following links to know more about it:

विंडोज 7-8-10 पीसी के लिए – ( For Windows 7,8, and 10 PCs )

फ़ोन के लिए ट्यूटोरियल नुमा यहाँ है ( For Cell Phone ):

If you are using Chrome
1.. Open the Chrome
3, click on this button Inline image 2, then click Inline image 4
4. This icon will show up at the top right corner of the chrome brower Inline image 3
5.. Click on this new icon and another screen will come up.
 On which on the Right Hand Corner you will see a box stating language. Inline image 5
Drop down that Menu by clicking it and select the language “Hindi”
 Inline image 6
6..Another box, just below that, will also be there stating the speed,
Inline image 8
Click on the button to see the drop down options
Among many speeds choose “Very Slow Speed”,
Now click on the red button and this window will go away
4.. Now go to any webpage you want the browser to read to you.
Click on the red icon again
The new window will open again and will contain text from this webpage
Inline image 9
7. A  Inline image 7will also appear. Just click that icon and it will start reading the text on that page you have opened.
8.. After that the “Forward Arrow” sign will change into a “Pause Button”
8.. So to stop Reading the page just click the “Pause” button
9.. Next time you open that page it will start reading from the same place you have left
it before.
10. to read only a certain portion of the text, highlight that text in this new window and then press play.


Sushma Gupta has translated more than 1200 foreign folktales from Africa, America, Canada and Europe etc. for Hindi speaking people in India and abroad: These folktales are being published in print and Digital media from different channels. I would like to place their information over here for our friends on social media:
1. A page has been created for these folktales on my face book for reading stories from various people and also information about the accessibility of folktales in other media:

2. Folktales of Ethiopia:
(a) In print media from very popular Publishers in India: PRABHAT PRAKASHAN:

1.PRABHAT Publications:

3. published in digital media:



Here is the collection of 27 folktales from my book “Folktales of Ethiopia-1″
published on the Website of Rachanakar

१ न्याय में अन्तर

२ नौ हयीना और शेर

3 शेर का बंटवारा

4 शेर का बच्चा

5 न्यायप्रिय राजा फिरदी

6 नौ भाई

7 नौ बेवकूफ भाई

8 बेवकूफ मामो

9 बेवकूफ गधा

10 एक कुत्ता और एक गधा

11 सीधा कुत्ता और चालाक भेड़िया

12 चूहे ने बन्दर की पूंछ बचायी

13 अक्लमन्द भेड़िया

14 मगर और बन्दर

15 गधे की पूंछ

16 चतुर पिता

17 आलसी बेटे

18 होशियार बेटा

19 चतुर गवैया

20 चालाक पत्नी

21 लालची कुत्ता

22 काले से गोरा अच्छा

23 नाचने वाली भेड़”

24 दो धोखेबाज”>

25 एक अमीर भाई और एक गरीब भाई”

26 गरीब को परेशान करने का नतीजा

27 पूंछ कटा बन्दर और राजा का शहद

Here is the collection of 18 folktales from my book “Folktales of Ethiopia-2”
published on the Website of Rachanakar

१ धन के बच्चे

२ करामाती भाले

३ एक आदमी ने चोरी करना सीखा

४ चोर और कुरसी

५ चालाक चोर

६ एक डाकू और तीन चोर

७ औरतों ने अपना बडापन कैसे खोया

8 औरतें और बरतन

९ एक औरत और एक शेर

१० सुनहरा घोडा

११ सोना उगलने वाला गधा

१२ बोतल का साँप

१३ झूठी कसम खाने का फल

१४ दो यात्री

१५ एक विद्यार्थी की कहानी

१६ बेवकूफ नौकर

१७ होशियार चरवाहा

१८ सिनजैरो की कहानी

इथियोपिया की लोककथाएँ-1 व भाग-2: Ethiopia ki Lok Kathayein; Letter and comments from Chairman, National Book Trust

From: Chairman:Baldeo Bhai Sharma <>
Date: 2017-05-01 16:29 GMT+05:30
Subject: Kind attention Sushma Gupta
क्रमांक: अध्यक्ष-3/2017-18/                      1 मई, 2017
माननीया सुषमा जी,
आपके द्वारा भेजी गई ‘इथियोपिया की लोककथाएँ-1 व भाग-2’ की पुस्तकें प्राप्त हुईं, धन्यवाद।
यह विदित ही है कि लोककथाएँ हमें उस समाज व संस्कृति के बारे में परिचित करवाती हैं जिसमें ये प्रचलित होती हैं। मुझे आशा है पुस्तकें पाठकों का मनोरंजन तो करेंगी ही साथ ही दूसरे देशों की संस्कृति व सभ्यता के बारे में भी पाठकों का सहजता से ज्ञानवर्धन करेंगी।
हार्दिक शुभकामनाओं सहित।
(बल्देव भाई शर्मा)
National Book Trust, India
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Government of India
Nehru Bhavan, 5, Institutional Area, Phase-II
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110 070
Tel. 011-26121880, Fax: 011-26133685

Foreign Folktales in Hindi Ready-2

Till recently most foreign folktales were available only in English language. Very few folktales have been available in Hindi language. This project has been initiated only keeping this in mind that foreign folktales may be available to our Hindi readers in India and at other places.
Under this project more than 1,100 foreign folktales have been written in Hindi after reading from books and Internet and by hearing from people. Indian folktales are normally available in Hindi language that is why Indian folktales have not been included in this collection.
Besides where folktales from European countries are easily available in English, the whole folktale literature seems to be incomplete without their mention that is why some folktales have been included from those countries.
The following books have been prepared as e-Books (on CDs) in which more than 600 folktales have been given. These folktales are available to our Hindi readers any time – to tell children, to be read by children and adults alike, for reference and for research purposes, or for any other purpose the people find useful. The rest of the folktales are also being organized under various titles whose information will be made available at time to time.
This project does not stop at 1,100 folktales rather it is a continuous process so expect more to come in future.
Till now no single folktale collection has been as large as this one even in English language. The two large collectors of folktales known in Europe are: Grimm’s Brothers and the Andrew Lang. But even their collections are also not so large as this in Hindi language.
We are pleased that we could collect so many folktales at one place in Hindi language. We hope that this valuable collection will prove unique and useful to our Hindi folktale literature.

Folktales from Western Africa – 15 tales, 154 pages
Folktales from Eastern Africa – 9 tales, 106 pages
Folktales from Southern Africa – 15 tales, 146 pages

Folktales from Egypt – 8 tales, 126 pages
Folktales from Ethiopia-1 – 27 tales, 126 pages
Folktales from Ethiopia-2 – 23 tales, 126 pages
Queen of Sheba Makeda and King Solomon – 212 pages
King Solomon – 11 tales, 164 pages

Folktales from Nigeria-1 – 20 tales, 170 pages
Folktales from Nigeria-2 – 20 tales, 178 pages
Folktales from Ghana – 14 tales, 172 pages
Cunningness of Anansi Spider – 15 tales, 112 pages
Cunningness of Anansi Spider – 20 tales, 196 pages

Folktales from Zanzibar – 10 tales, 164 pages
Folktales from South Africa – 18 tales, 194 pages

Folktales from North America-1 – 12 tales, 124 pages
Folktales from North America-2 – 12 tales, 120 pages
Folktales from Canada – 17 folktales, 112 pages
Folktales of Raven-1 – 20 tales, 124 pages
Folktales of Raven-2 – 20 tales, 126 pages
Folktales of Raven-3 – 3 modern tales, 126 pages

Folktales from South America – 8 tales,

Folktales from Asia-1 – 26 tales, 196 pages
Folktales from China – 8 tales, 80 pages
China: Myths and Legends-1 – 18 tales, 190 pages
China: Myths and Legends-2 – 20 tales, 188 pages
Folktales from Russia – 22 tales, 264 pages

Folktales from Europe-2 – 22 tales, 214 pages
One Story many Colors-11 – Cinderella – 20 tales, 272 pages
Folktales from Italy-1 – 18 tales, 194 pages
Folktales from Italy-2 – 16 tales, 200 pages
Folktales from Italy-3 – 12 tales, 200 pages
Folktales from Italy-4 – 21 tales, 200 pages
Folktales from Italy-5 – 15 tales, 210 pages
Folktales from Italy-6 – 18 tales, 220 pages
Folktales from Italy-7 – 22 tales, 230 pages
Folktales from Italy-8 – 13 tales, 122 pages
Folktales from Norse-1 – 8 tales, 148 pages
Folktales from Norse-2 – 11 tales, 120 pages

Christianity in Folktales – 23 tales, 258 pages
One Story Many Colors-12 – Cinderella – 10 tales, 112 pages

The e-Books published under the Series “Foreign Folktales in Hindi” are available now on CD-ROMs. To obtain further information about them or a copy of any book :
Please Contact :

Sushma Gupta

Little known, Rare and Interesting Historical Facts: 1:

Sushma has compiled a book of some rare, little but interesting historical facts. In some of my blogs , I would like to write some one by one. I hope that you will enjoy them reading;

.Once Emperor Akbar asked Tansen- the great musician of all times ( a prominent classical composer, musician, vocalist and instrumentalist ) as who taught him such nice music. He mentioned the name of his Guru- Shri Haridas. Akbar asked him to take him to meet his guru and when he met his Guru, Shri Haridas ji, he requested him to sing for him.  Akbar was highly impressed by his singing and asked Tansen that your Guru ji sings so well, why you can not sing that good.

Tansen very humbly replied , ” My Lord,   I sing for you – for the king but my Guru ji sings for GOD- the king of kings ”


Desh Videsh Ki Lok Kathaiyen: देश विदेश की लोक कथायें; 2

lok ktha8lok katha9lok katha6lok katha4lok katha7glok katha5lok katha3lok katha2lok katha19lok katha17lok katha16lok katha14lok katha11,

In my previous blog, I tried to explain as what is the folk tale. Folk tales are very much localized stories depending upon the traditions, culture and faith etc. India is so large a country and so diversified in various aspects of society in different regions. Folk tales of various provinces are quite different from each other. Some of them are translated in Hindi language and published at time to time. Here, I would like to give some illustrations  of those published folk tales. I wish if there is a special library for this kind of literature for Indian Folk tales as well as from other countries;