Udho Man na bhaye dus bees: उद्धवजी

Krishna has gone from Gokul and he has asked Uddhav to preach ‘Gyan’ to the gopies of Gokul. Uddhav, being a learned man, tries to preach Gyaan to the gopies and this bhajan is Answer (or rather questions) by a Gopi to Uddhav.

Krishna told two Gita, one to Arjun , The Bhagavad Gita and another one to Uddhava ji – The Uddhav Gita or Hans Gita . He gave almost the same gyan to Uddav ji what he has given to Arjun, just before his final departure for Dwarika and this world. ; Told Uddav ji to go to Himalayas-Badrikasharam and spread this gyan to sages over there.

Note; In Badrinath, you will find Krishan ( As Bhagwan Vishnu/ Badri Narayan), Uddhav ji and Dev Rishi Narad  in one place.


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