Little known, Rare and Interesting Historical Facts: 1:

Sushma has compiled a book of some rare, little but interesting historical facts. In some of my blogs , I would like to write some one by one. I hope that you will enjoy them reading;

.Once Emperor Akbar asked Tansen- the great musician of all times ( a prominent classical composer, musician, vocalist and instrumentalist ) as who taught him such nice music. He mentioned the name of his Guru- Shri Haridas. Akbar asked him to take him to meet his guru and when he met his Guru, Shri Haridas ji, he requested him to sing for him.  Akbar was highly impressed by his singing and asked Tansen that your Guru ji sings so well, why you can not sing that good.

Tansen very humbly replied , ” My Lord,   I sing for you – for the king but my Guru ji sings for GOD- the king of kings ”



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