The Nature ( स्वभाव ) is stronger than the training of the individual:2



Education and training can improve certain traits and skills of an individual but can not change the basic characteristics or nature of an individual. In my previous blog, I have written as  how Marcolphus  demonstrated and proved this point to King Solomon.

Here is another story in this regard. To test Marcolphus , Solomon posted very well trained  ferocious dogs as security guards at the gate of his palace and instructed the security  guards that release these dogs when you see Marcolphus coming to visit me next time. He already warned Marcolphus that be aware of the dogs at the gate and take care as they are very well trained. Marcolphus to prove his point, kept some rabbits with him. As soon as he arrived near the gate, dogs were released to attack at  him but at the same he released those rabbits . Looking at the rabbits, according to their strong nature of hunting , dogs ran after the rabbits  and thus Marcolphus entered the palace without any problem. King Solomon was surprised looking at him. He again proved his point to Solomon.


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