The Nature ( स्वभाव ) is stronger than the training of the individual

Solomon-the King, SAn individual is what he is, made by his destiny ( or to say a result of his prarabhadh- result of his accumulated kramas; संचित  क्रम .Education and training  may bring slight change but can not alter the individual’s nature. A cat is tempted to catch a rat; a dog is tempted to hold a bone and run after a rabbit.



Here, I would like to illustrate a story of some dialogues between  SOLOMON the Great and a witty person. Solomon, once said to Marcolphus , the witty man that a person can be changed by providing him education and training . Marcolphus said , yes but to a very limited extent, otherwise, most of the living beings act according to their main characteristics ( सभी  जीव  अपने अपने  स्वाभाव  के अनुसार कार्य  करते हैं  ; उनेह  बदलना  सरल नहीं  है  ) . Solomon asked him to prove his point as he had some very trained animals, they would behave according to their training as would be instructed not otherwise. Solomon invited him for dinner and told that the cat on the table is trained to hold the candle while we are dining and would follow only his instructions. Marcolphus while coming for the dinner, kept three rates in his pocket . He quietly released one rate from his pocket and watched, the cat wanted to move but Solomon instructed his cat not to move; and the cat did not move. Marcolphus released another rate and waited and watched; cat moved more aggressively but stopped again at the instruction of the Master. Marcolphus released the third rat , the cat lost all its patience, dropped the candle and ran after the rate in spite of all the instructions from the Master. Marcolphus very successfully demonstrated and proved his point to Solomon.


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