Regret: My family should have taken care of uncle Om Prakash”OMI”

My uncle, my father,s first cousin , Om Prakash (=OMI) was left alone after the death of his mother. In another blog, I have written about his family’s unfortunate affair that how the family lost all the members of the family , no body to remain at the end.

Uncle had no resources , income or means to survive as every thing else was sold to survive up to a point. He was in critical condition of survival, loosing health every day.My grandfather was very caring , he took care of the family through out his life though could not improve their situation in any way. Our family should have taken care of the uncle but could not take, perhaps our own financial condition was not very good during this period. He roamed around and did right or wrong , whatever, he could do for his srvival. Finally, he could not fight the circumstances surrounding him and he died young in mysterious circumstances in the District Hospital, Bijnor. No body claimed his dead body, so the Government disposed off his body according its own procedure. Thus came his end and the end of the family and everything of the family. How unfortunate was the end.

I feel sorry and sad about the family and especially the uncle. My family , at least should have taken the responsibility of his last rites of funeral etc. It is regrettable thing for us. Of my own, some time back, I did the sharaddh for him and his mother ( my grandmother). I wish that their souls remain in peace wherever, they are.


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