Regret; What was the compulsion for the family the way it behaved

I very vividly remember that the younger sister of my grandmother came to live with her and us after her only son, Shri Mangoo Lal disappeared from home in mysterious circumstances. The family waited for some time but how long they could have waited to support the family without any resources or hope getting any help. His wife, my aunt with her children went to live with her parents in Chandpur and my grandmother,s sister came to live with us. It was really very pathetic situation
Time passed, then , our family , the reasons best known to them asked grandmother,s sister to go to Chandpur and live with her daughter-in-law. She went and lived there for the rest of her life. According to our social system this was very awkward and humiliating situation for any one to live with the parents or family of daughter-in-law especially when there are other people and relatives to support her. I can not imagine her agony and humiliation with which that poor lady would have passed her days and at the same time tolerating the unbearable loss of her only young son.
I really feel so sorry and sad about it and regret on the decision and action of my family in this regard.


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