Strange thing:

Aligarh District
ALIGARH and its surroundings
My Own Case:
I am the eldest among five brothers.I was married in a very rich and famous Bansal family of Aligarh. Family history could be traced out from Shri Pooran Mal ji who had two sons, Shri Minni Lal ji and Niranjan Lal ji; They moved from Atrauli to Aligarh to practice Law as very successful lawyer of that time; Pooran Mal ji accumulated a lot of wealth and acquired and developed lot of property in Aligarh. The main residential house – a big house with several courtyards was in Mamoobhanja . They were really popular in the city as they had some localities in their names like ” Minni Ganj” and ” Niranjapuri”. The family was well connected with high profile families around like Shri Jeevan Lal Advocate in Bulandshahar and Dayawati Modi (daughter of Shri Minni Lal ji’s sister; cousin of Shri Kailash Chandra Bansal))  , wife of Gujar Mal Modi, founder of Modi Industries ; Minni Lal ji had only one son, Shri Kailash Chandra Bansal and one daughter -Shrimati Santosh Rani who was married to Shri Jagdish Sharan Agrawal of a very rich family of Etawah. Shri Kailash Chandra Bansal , my father-in-law was married to Smt Sarswati Devi daughter of Shri Jeevan Lal Agrawal, Advocate , most popular Advocate of Bulandshahar.
The Unfortunate part of the family starts from the sad and untimely demise of the young Advocate , Shri Minni Lal ji at his prime time leaving rest of the family unprepared to face the consequences after his death.. Shri Kailash Chandra Bansal also died young after suffering a long illness  in 1959 . The family was left with four women, two young widows and two young marriageable girls. Shri Kailash Chandra Bansal himself was an advocate, had two daughters, Sushma and Madhur (Bale); SUSHMA was married to me in 1961 and Madhur was married to Shri Vijay Kumar son of Lala  Ram Gulam Ji , in Moradabad in 1964.  Shri Minni lal ji’s widow, Sushma’s grandmother died in 1962 and her mother died in 1963. Madhur was still unmarried. She moved with her mausi/mausa ji ( Shrimati Saroj and Indra Prakash Gupta) , then posted at Rishikesh. Thus no body was left to live in the big house in Mamoobhanja, Aligarh. How unfortunate and sad that the space was so empty.
Family owned a big house with several courtyards and tenants in Mamoobhanja, Tamolipara, Delhi Gate, two plots within Swadeshi Cotton Mills, GT Road  ( Mills never materialized  though the proposed township emerged over the years); A large land ( Ahata) in Delhi Gate area on lease to a Business Family in Hathras.
I looked after the maintenance of the property for a few years, then Vijay Kumar ji took over the responsibility. Gradually the whole property has been disposed off except a house in Tamolipara, plots on GT Road and Leased land in Delhi Gate area.
Thus the whole family has vanished and property is also gone for all practical purposes when there is nobody to claim it in the family.
Another surprising observation is that my grandfather has nothing (any land, house, garden etc )  in his name; and my father also does not have any thing in his name; So far, I do not have any thing in my name also and perhaps, nothing would be; All others , my grandfather,s brothers, my father,s brothers and my own brothers own sizable property in their names and good houses to live. Just like all other eldest in my family, my own condition is worst in the family but the good part is that all of us have been given opportunity by God to serve the people and community even at the cost of our own comfort.

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