Some strange kind of observation; the Eldest in our Family loses Everything on In-laws side


Since last three generations, I noticed that the eldest in our family looses every thing in his in-laws’s side. In  In-laws’ family, property and wealth etc. everything is lost. Nothing remains for the future in their name. it is really very sad situation. Here, I will be dealing with the situation of my grandfather, my father and my own;bijnorbijnor

My Grandfather,s Case:

My grandfather was the eldest of all his brothers.He was married in Bijnor ,. His in-law’s family was well known and well-to-do family in those days.But no body or any property etc exists now  in their name in Bijnor; my grand mother had one brother and one sister ( married in Kiratpur, had one son, Shri Mangoo Lal ji who had his small nice family; uncle Mangoo lal ji disappeared in mysterious circumstances, never returned back and his family was shattered; Dadi ji, his mother, my grand mother,s sister came to live with us and aunt with her children went to her parents in Chandpur). My grandmother,s brother had one son and one daughter; daughter was married in Mandawar to Shri Mahasheya Raghubir Saran ji ( had two sons, Ram Avtar ji and Prem Avtar ). We used to visit them occasionally on various occasions, very affectionate family, now lost contact with them since long, may be fifty years or so ); My grandmother,s nephew Shri Krishan Lal ji had one son , Rishi, very handsome personality died very young  in a very tragic death with brain cancer ( thus the last of their family was gone to end the family line); two daughters, one married in Hasanpur and the other married in Roorkee ( unfortunately, I never met them); Grandmother,s nephew, Tau ji used to come to live with us in Jhalu at time to time, a nice but sad person for obvious reasons- loosing every thing, he had, very unfortunate situation; Thus nothing remains in my grandmother,s paternal family. How sad it is!!!!

My Father,s Case:


My father was the eldest of all his brothers and sisters.My father was married in a rich family of Chandpur. My Nanaji was a land having property , house and shops etc. in Chandpur and agricultural land locally and in khadar area of Sheikhpuri , near Narnore and Senadwar. Sohan Singh took care of Chandpur agricultural land even after the death of Nana ji and till his own death. My Nana ji, shri Ram Swaroop Mal was popularly known as Chobdar. My mother was the only child of her mother, the second wife of my nana ji. My maternal uncle, Shri Raja Ram ( son from his first wife) and his son , Raj Bahadur did not enjoy the benefit of agricultural land and had very little and limited benefit in shops though they had the house with them. In spite of sincere and several attempts and efforts  by mother, they did not maintain any relationship with her and with us. Agricultural land was lost because of Zamindari abolition; Shops were sold later by mutual consent. In this process, nothing is left in their name or with us. After the death of Nani ji, there is even no place for us to go; Whole land, property and belongings just vanished.

I do remember some of the books of Nanaji- GULBAKAWALI,s story- a folktale in URDU about the mysterious flower. I read the whole book of several volumes. Another, I was fascinated about was a Wall-hanging in a frame, saying in Urdu ::”AGAHA APNI MOUT SE KOI BASHAR NAHI, SAMAAN SAU BARAS KA PAL KEE KHABAR NAHI ” I feel too much about the loss of these two things and of course many other things as I was associated with them thoroughly during my stay  from 1950-1955 ) with my Nani ji.



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