Rich Man Behaving like a Pauper but there is reason Behind

Aminaway, UIIbadan university

It is a strange kind of behavior for an academician and a rich person. It was 1977 when I recently joined University of Ibadan, Nigeria for an academic position , I was given a two bed rooms  accommodation on the University Campus ( An apartment on Amina Way).Incidently my immediate neighbor was Dr Goriawala, an Indian , an Associate Professor in the University . He has been there in the University for a considerable period and living in an independent Chalet . He was alone, had a small car which he seldomely used; he only used to walk most of the time for his work . He was more than simple in his life style with only very simple few sets of his dress; not very social.He certainly appeared to be a poor man for all standards.
One day he came to out apartment requested for fifty Naira ( local currency unit) to borrow, I happily landed the support. He returned the money after 15 days but he continued this practice of borrowing some times fifty, some time sixty etc and reurning after some time.

We were four members in the family, two of them going to secondary school; myself and my wife joined the postgraduate programs of the University, so I was paying tution fees for all of us , junior in rank with less salary than my friend; being new to the place, still trying to establish myself . I was curious to know if my friend has to borrow money from me then considering my own situation, I should be begging for my survival. After a few years, he stopped this borrowing and returning practice. I was also well established in the new place. I dared to ask him if he was borrowing money from me than I should be begging with the size of my family and responsibilities. He laughed and told very frankly that yes, he knew this situation, he thought that this was the best way to stop me from borrowing from if the situation arises which he thought was very likely. This was the good reason, cunning and clever way of dealing with the neighbors to keep them away.

For the rest of our stay, we found him the same kind of person, miser, caring too much for money and for himself. What happened to him and his money after his retirement??? Some people are born and die poor.


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