K for Kankar, Keekar, Kabootar, Kutta, Khar; Living experience in Kutch:2

In my previous blog, I described my experience of  travelling in Gujarat and living for a short time in Sindhi dominated culture in ADIPUR near Gandhidham and Kandla.

ANJAR is a very old town of kutch. Very dry, land is brackish, mostly covered with Kankars and Khar ( saltish soil, not fertile at all); not much green vegetation , mostly, Kekkar ( Babool tress ) trees with big thorns. Most of the house holds have a Kutta (Dog) as they consider Dog as Bhaiiron Devta and even they feed them first  before they take their own meal; One could watch lots of Kabootar( wild pigeons ) around.  There was acute shortage of drinking water. I think all that it is/was due to its geographical conditions. Any way, it would be interesting to read its history and geography. It is a very special kind of landscape , very unique in the world. However, I enjoyed my short stay here with very pleasant experience. People are simple, modest, affectionate and caring; They live together with a cooperative spirit. I was living in the Jain Colony -a newly developed small township known as Nava Anjar- a kind of suburb of Juna Anjar. It was mostly dominated by Jain and Shah families ( well- to-do  business community of Banya) ( Vaish )) . They easily identified me as Banya Bhai and  they became very friendly with me and extended all kind of help and support to me without me asking them.. Most of the evenings, I was with them , in their groups; enjoyed community activities, travelling around with them , going on picnic etc. It was for the first time that I realized a community feeling of Banya community which is so strong here unlike not even felt in North India. With my local friends and otherwise also, I enjoyed the local delicacies like Gher, Bhikha ni Debeli, Kesar Hagu and Farsan etc.

I must not forgat to mention Kanti Bhai, a young auto-mechanic who owned a small auto workshop but very competent in his job. I could get my work done over there within record time and at very competitive cheap rates with a quality work. .

I noticed that some people from Saurashtra and main land Gujarat were also living in Kutch as business men. Within a short time, I could observe that Gujarat could easily be distinguished as THREE in one : Kutch, Saurashtra and Main Land ; Though many things are common among them but still they have some differences in their life style, characteristics  and cultural aspects. Kutch being the poorest with meager resources among the three, perhaps were the first to migrate for better life.

I was in a little hurry to write my would-be next blog as the first blog describing my experience of journey through Rann of Kutch.


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