Traditions and expectations; Some funny experience with HAVEMOR Restaurant:2


havmorIn my previous blogs, I described my experiences while I was in ONGC camp in Mehemedabd; About Bhanwarriya Kunvo; Meeting the Ghosts, Scary moments, tough decision and Traditions and expectation etc. Here, I would like to narrate my experience of Baroda where I took a residence in Patel Colony- a very central location in the city very near to Soor Sagar, Khanderao Market and adjacent  to our colony was Krishna Talkies. I enjoyed my living in this area, shopping at Khanderao market especially for fresh vegetables and fruits, buying in bulk and sharing among friends. I will never forget APUS- the great mango in size and taste; Enjoying Jagdish Bhajia near and opposite the main gate of Gandhi Park and at the bank of Soor Sagar.

Our favourite  restaurant- the HAVMOR was also very near to Patel Colony. One of our uncles came to visit us in Baroda though on his own official duty. So, we took him to HAVMOR at about 12.00 Noon. As soon as we entered the restaurant, uncle immediately turned back. Inquiring from him as why he has come back, he mentioned that it seems to be a ladies restaurant as it was fully occupied by ladies. I explained him that at this hour, Havmor is mostly occupied by ladies from the nearby area; This was a locality of rich and affluent business community of Patels and Shahs; the men are at work, ladies enjoying their food, snacks or ice creams etc. in the restaurant. ( It is very different scenario from North India ) .We went back and enjoyed the delicacies  of Havmor and our uncle had his own experience different from his expectations and traditions in North India.


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