Traditions and expectations; Some funny experience with HAVEMOR Restaurant.

According to our tradition, on special occasions like Birth Days, anniversaries, Getting admission in a reputed course/institution, passing examinations with good grades, getting a good job or getting promotion etc, we perform some kind of prayer like Satya Narain Poojan, offer Prasad to our deities or distribute sweets ( normally Laddoo; लड्डू ) to our well wishers friends and relatives etc.
It was 1966, when I was working for a seismic party in Gujarat, one of my friends and old classmate and his wife reminded me that I got promotion and for that they should have their share of sweets. I though that their claim was justified. In fact, I should have offered the sweets even without their reminding.
So, I decided them to give a good treat. I invited them to Havmor restaurant ,ahmedabad. We went Ahmadabad, enjoyed the day by watching a film and then having our heavy snacks etc in Havemor. I thought that the deal was done. But to my surprise, after some time, I got again reminder from them that their sweets are due. So, I gave a thought and realized that I did not offer them the sweets/the Laddoos in the traditional way as per their expectation. Soon after, I brought a box of Laddoo for them and the deal was done.


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