Scary Moments, Tough Decision

In my previous two blogs, Bhammariya Kunvo and Meeting the Ghosts, I have described the location of our ONGC camp in Mehemedabad , outside the town in a mango garden and very near to the famous Bhammiariya Kunvo and a big graveyard.
My wife, Sushma joined me a week ago  in the camp after winding up from Dehra Dun ( as I was on transfer from Dehra Dun to Baroda). It was summer time now. One weekend, we went to see around and for a change to Ahmadabad. We spent the whole day over there; came back late in the night about 11;30 PM or so. It was night, pitch dark and Sushma was pregnant also. Now what to do? Stay back at the railway station whole night and go to the camp in the morning or go right now? Sushma did not know any thing about the graveyard around, Bhammariya Kunvo or about the story meeting the ghost etc. According to our belief or superstitions, a pregnant lady is not supposed to be out of the house in the night and no case near the graveyard or inauspicious place at any time even during the day. It was difficult and scary decision to go to the camp at that hour in the night.
One kilometer distance from Railway station to camp was isolated, lonely and surronded by thick bushes on both sides of the path. Without telling any thing to Sushma, we just walked holding my breath till we reached the camp; It was complete silence except some sound of the insects and frogs . It was a great relief for me after reaching the camp. Next day, I told my scary experience to Sushma and my friends. Every one was surprised to know and expressed that I should have not taken such a decision.


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