It was in 1966 when I was working in a seismic party of ONGC in MEHMEDABAD ( Kheda District ) in Gujarat. Mehmedabad is on the main railway route- Ahmadabad-Baroda.Large number of passenger and goods trains pass though out the day through this railway station. Kheda District is one of the richest district in the mainland of Gujarat.  We were camping in a mango garden about one km from the railway station while the main town was on the other side of the railway station , about two kms from our camp. The camp was very near to a big graveyard and a famous well-the Bhammirya Kunva.

Occasionally, we used to visit the town, normally in the evening. One evening, on a THURSDAY night , myself, Rajbir Singh, Prabhu Singh and one more person were returning  from the camp. Half way to our camp from the railway station, what all of us observed that some mud balls ( मिटटी के ध्हेले  )  rolling in front of us; continued  rolling for some distance. We looked around , in the back, side ways and also shouted asking who is that rolling these balls. Did not see any one; no response from any one. we reached the camp talking about this strange incident. It was really a very strange and different kind of experience never noticed before. Next day, we followed the same route and time and nothing happened. It left us in a doubt about the whole incident. Next time, when we visited the town, we narrated our experience to the people in the town. They told us without any surprise as it is the normal incident which every one knows in the town. They explained about it; some young couple, some time ago committed suicide in the above mentioned well. They live around ghosts and they do it on every Thursday – the day they committed suicide if people are walking around in this area in even numbers. It does not happen if you are in odd number even alone. Certainly, they do not harm any one in any way.Later, we experimented on other days and with different combinations of odd and even. The story told by the people in the town was found true.


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