BHAMMARIYA Kuvo: Mehmedabad (Kheda)

bhanwanriya kuaon1In 1966, I was working with a seismic party in Kheda District. We were camping in Mehmedabad , very near and opposite to railway station about two kilometers from the ma. Our camp was in a mango garden ; very near it was grave yard and a famous well of this locality- known as Bhammariya Kuvo.
This well ia an ancient well with seven floors ( stories ) below the ground. Each floor has a different architecture.
A popular myth about the well is that Mahmud Begada built a swing in this well with water level up to his neck to reduce the effects he felt because of side effects of daily dose of toxin which his mother gave him in small amounts to immunize him from any attempts to poison him by enemies.
I visited the famous well. These days , the well is covered with a mesh as it was being used by people around to commit suicides.


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