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Family is the smallest unit of the society.Family is defined as a group of people affiliated by birth or by affinity ( marriage).

In most societies, the family is the principal institution.

Main function is to keep the creation to continue and smooth It provides a Karam Kschhtra with defined responsibilities and duties of each member of the family for each other, for the members of extended family, community, and society etc.
Together, we make a family ; other things may change but we start and end with the family.
If we fail in our responsibilities at family level, we fail in all other responsibilities at other levels..
My grandson, Satvik, once defined the FAMILY in the most simple way: “A group of people who live together, eat together, entertain together, travel together and look after the interest of each other ” ( at the age of 11 yrs, he does not understand other things like relationships, responsibilities and duties etc though he does understand the concept of VALUE- hence to respect and obey the elders etc.)
With globalization and new values in the society the concept of family , joint family etc has been changing; Even within the nuclear family, the concept of LOVE and FAITH etc. is slowly breaking down.


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