A conversation with my grandchild; 5

SATVIK2015One day, Satvik looked at my wrist watched and asked surprisingly as how old that mechanical watch was. Expressed his wish that I should buy a new one.

I told him about the wrist watch that I purchased it in Djakarta, Indonesia in 1976 and since then, it has been working perfectly well without ant trouble or reapair. It is water proof and fire proof, one of the best watch in those days. He was excited to know about it being so old, about 40 years old and still working so well.

I said to him that I wish, after my death, you should possess this wrist watch and keep it as long as possible in the memory of. your grandfather. He calls me ” BABA”. He gave a long pause and then said, ” Baba let us talk something better than this “.

Just a short conversation but so emotional. I never expected such an emotional response and expression from the boy of this age. God bless him with all the best of the world.


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