A conversation with my grandchild; 4 ‘ Care of grandmother

SATVIK2015Satvik about his grandmother,s health; As usual again, at little bed time conversation, he inquired the health condition of his grandmother . He calls her ” Amma”.. He listened each and every thing very seriously and then reacted. Asked me as why should we not go for a cure immediately and seriously. Comparing my age and health, he said that she seems to be more fragile and needs more attention as to live healthy like you at least up to your age that is perhaps about seven more years comfortably. Why she should suffer like she has been suffering for quite some time. If we do not do some thing now  she has to suffer with more pain and discomfort; perhaps may not be able to do any thing by herself.

He is so much concerned about her health, considering the present condition and extrapolating the future condition. Discussing it seriously as a serious matter. I could not think such things about any one in the family at that age. I am impressed about his interest, concern and thoughtfulness for the welfare of his grandmother.. I really admire and appreciate his thinking process.

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