A very lonely woman in the town

In my earlier blogs, I have written three similar stories about my neighbors; Gharib Das, Ram Narain and Ram Swaroop Mal Tolla and how lonely they were and what kind of life they lived in complete social isolation. I always wonder as to what was their purpose of coming to this world? As we discuss spiritual aspects of coming to the world as human beings by doing certain actions (Karmas) to improve upon our Karmas of past lives. May be most of us come only for spending the life just for nothing – only for BHUKTI . These people had no Karam Yog, no Bhakti Yog or Gyan Yog.- just nothing; simply a little better life than animals, perhaps maybe not even that.lonely woman

Here is another story of a woman lived in my town, Jhalu. I know very little about her as I did not know who she was? And what was her name? Whether she had any relatives or friends etc. She lived all alone in complete isolation/confinement from rest of the people in the neighborhood or in the town. I used to visit her in my early childhood days once in a while and used to address her as Buaaji.. She lived in a very small house of one room with minimum facilities. She may have been in her 50s – very fragile in health; hard for her to walk, speak or perhaps to do anything. When and how did she die? Who took care of her funeral? etc. etc. I never thought these questions about her until recently, when all of a sudden, I thought about her and her miserable life.

Several questions about her came to my mind now; who was she? who were her relatives and friends? I never heard of anybody and never saw anyone visiting her. How had she been managing her life and all daily routines, cooking food, getting things from the market, even the water for her taking bath and drinking etc. Who was helping her in her day to day requirements? How did she maintain her health? I never saw her wearing any nice dresses, so perhaps she had only a few cloths to wear. I never noticed her out of her dwelling. No one visiting her. I never saw her in any religious or social functions or places. I wonder if she had any source of income. In fact, she was living in the world without it. She had no attachment with the world as if the world did not exist for her. No social interaction, no communication, no work for self or others, passing the whole day and night alone; almost no activity at all. She was living just for her survival as any living being does. Living without any choices and desires with total contentment- like a saint? What is the purpose of such a life?





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