Peaceful Application of Nuclear Explosion for Oil and Gas Production: Project Report for my A.Doc. course.

In another blog,  , I described the events about my M.Sc. thesis in 1961 and the role of my destiny which created the road map for the rest of my life. This is another one about my research project to be submitted to DRTC/ISI, Bangalore  – a requirement for the completion and assessment of my course of A.Doc (Master in Information Science).

I completed the course in April 1973 and joined back to my duty with ONGC. There was no time to think about or gain insight about this project. More than a year passed, and still nothing had been doneIn another blog on the project. Later, on May 15, 1974, India tested its first nuclear device in Pokhran,Rajasthan. It was very prominent news for the whole world. All of a sudden, my intuition came into play that I should explore the possibility as how nuclear explosions could be used for the oil & gas industry. I searched up the literature and found enough information on the subject. Within two days, I completed my project without any guidance and assistance from anyone whatsoever. I submitted my report to DRTC as well as to ONGC.

The report was very timely and informative on the very current and hot issue. It was appreciated by ONGC authority. Later when I visited BARC in 1975,, I came to know from Dr. VA Kamath , Director, Information Centre of BARC, Bombay that he was the assessor and examiner of my report/project. He liked the report very much and sent a copy of the report to Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) . Later Mr. Malwad and Mrs. Joshi (two of the senior officers in the centre)mentioned to me that my report was discussed in the centre. They also said that it was very much appreciated and it was found to be unique and the first of its kind. A microfilm copy of the report was made and sent to the data center of AEC.

My destiny was holding this opportunity for so long and to guide me to act like this. This helped me to get very high scores on my DRTC course and because of this I got my First Division. Later, I developed my personal relationship with Dr Kamath which helped me in several ways especially to get a job for my younger brother with the Documentation Centre, NML, ICSR, Jamshedpur.

I have no doubt that the destiny has its own plan for each individual.





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