Miracle Medicine

A red powder made with 2 common ingredients (both of which were accessible from the market) was prepared at home. This was a miracle medicine to cure red mouth (an ailment) of the children. This was quite common among the children, especially during summer time. With this ailment, children were unable to eat anything and used to cry a lot . Perhaps, it was very painful to them. This miracle powder was very popular not only in our town but in several nearby villages too as it was instant healer of the problem.

The prescription of the miracle medicine was given by a saint to my grandfather. My grandfather was sitting  on the terrace outside the house and the saint was passing through that way. He had not been seen in the town before, as perhaps he was just passing through our town. My grandfather was a very honest, pious, religious and most respected person in the town and around. When the saint saw my grandfather, he told him that he was the right person to do this community and social service. He said you must do it  and he gave the prescription and said to give it out free of cost as it will provide the desired relief to the children. However, if he charged money for the medicine, it will lose its miracle power forever. Also told that anybody in the family could prepare it and give it to any person and the person suffering from this ailment would be instantly cured anywhere..

Some people in the town tried to imitate us but it did not work for them. Perhaps, it had the blessings and miracle healing power of the saint and that was extended to us only.

miracle medicine


3 thoughts on “Miracle Medicine

      • GERU , one of the ingredient used in the medicine is also known as OCHER- a kind of Red pigment; natural earths containing ferric oxide, silica, and alumina .
        Other one is SUHAGA – a white material which is roasted to make it powder and mix with Geru powder.

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