Whatever has to happen, will happen

Destiny is very strong which guides and controls all our decisions and actions. Although according to typical human nature, we think that we are in control of our actions and events, and we can change them with our efforts, but this is not so.
There are many such stories given in the literature. A recently published book by Sushma Gupta; https://www.scribd.com/doc/254965698/Whatever-Has-to-Happen lists a few such stories  showing that Destiny is much greater than man-made efforts.
Well those are stories taken from books, but here, I wish to narrate a true incident of my own experience. It was 1962 when I was working in a field party of ONGC and that was my first job and assignment with ONGC. We were working in Moradabad and Badaun Districts of Uttar Pradesh. Mr. P. N. S.Chauhan was one of our party members and was working as a field surveyor. Initially, I was living with him and another surveyor, Mr. Tuteja. Mr Chauhan was a very nice person with all the good traits – personal and professional.
It was the month of May, peak of the summer and we were camping in a garden near Bhakarauli, Badaun. One day Mr Chauhan was looking very sad and worried. On asking he told that he knew that in the same month he was going to die in an accident.
We did not believe him and laughed at it. He took all kinds of precautions not to involve in any kind of accident. He pitched his tent outside the garden to avoid the fall of the tree, although it was very hot outside. He would not light the lamp inside the tent to avoid any fire accident. (We had already witnessed a fire accident in the camp in the month of January when the tent and belongings of one party member, Mr Sharma, were completely destroyed). He was not only taking these precautions but he did not marry also for this reason only.
Mr Saxena, our Party Chief, was kind enough to give him rest from the field work so that he could avoid any kind of accident in the field or while traveling in the jeep or anywhere else. Mr Chauhan became very quiet and was not talking to any one. He would like to be alone; very careful in his actions to avoid any kind of accident. He would go for evening walk alone and sit down on a culvert on the road side. The traffic on the road was almost negligible especially in the evening.
The final day to meet his destiny was coming nearer. He was sitting on the culvert as usual. Normally, no body used to go out of the camp for any work or duty in the evening. But this evening, as the Destiny of Chauhan had decided, Mr KC Saha, one of our party members was going to Moradabad for certain work. It was only one and a half hour drive from the camp. So Mr Saha would come back to Camp within four hours or so.
Mr. Saha insisted Mr Chauhan to accompany him for this short trip. Mr. Chauhan tried his best to avoid this trip and convince Mr Saha not to accompany him for the said reason but Mr Saha dragged him to the jeep to accompany him. To meet his destiny and the bad luck, he joined him in the jeep taking the outer front seat.
After an hour, it became dark, jeep was in its full speed and then there was a road cut to build a culvert there. There was no sign posts for the repair of the road. It was dark, driver could not see the ditch ahead. The jeep fell in the ditch.
The jeep was completely destroyed in the accident. The driver and Mr Saha were injured badly and were admitted in Moradabad Hospital but poor Chauhan could not escape his death from the accident. Since, he was sitting on the outer seat of the jeep, he was thrown out with a big thrust, died on the spot, perhaps instantly.
Later when we got the news from one truck driver going on that route, we sent a rescue party; could help the other party members but we could not do anything for Mr. Chauhan as he was already dead.
Mr. Chauhan took all the precautions but destiny had its own plan and he could not save himself from it in spite of all the precautions.So, whatever was to happen, happened.




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