From the point of view  of spirituality, human population can be divided into three broad groups;

1; There are very very few people in this category. At time to time, a  very few people are born with full knowledge ( sampooram gyan); they are Saints, Yogi , Mahatamas, Gurus, Gyani, Swamijee, Reformers etc. They are born with the blessings of GOD to elevate the people by imparting knowledge to them; They spread knowledge in a very simple and understandable way; They need scriptures just for reference. You may find people in this category like Swami Daya Nand ji, Swami Vivekanand ji, Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, Guru Nanak, Adi Guru Shankracharya, Gautam Budh etc.Tulsida, Kabir Das ;


2. In this category also, a very limited people are there, known as seekers; They are in search of knowledge and Guru, and scriptures are very useful for them. They go through the scriptures, understand them and try to digest and assimilate the meaning of SELF, Nature , GOD and HIS creation. These serious people advance to enter the category of one above. May be it takes, several lives for this process of attainment.

3.These are the people born just to live without any purpose; People living in remote areas of deserets, mountains, islands, tundras, and rural areas come in this category; They are not aware of the knowledge or sources of knowledge; Even most of them even do not know to read or write.;  struggle for their survival; busy in the routines of life; most among them believe in some kind of religion, go to church, temple, gurudwaras and other places of worship and pilgrimage; perform all kinds of prayers, rituals etc. according to the faith and beliefs of their religion. Most of them are blind and orthodox followers. Rich and poor does not mean anything in this category, they are all equal; the priests are just professionals doing their jobs as others do in their own professions; They are not aware that knowledge is important to them, hence not aware about the sources of knowledge. Scriptures are just like other books for them.; Scriptures are not known to them or not important to them;

Thousands of Sadhoos, Sufi, cheats in various forms in disguise of religion, Maharajs, Bapus and Babas etc. also belong to this category of people. Most of them are kind of professionals and for financial gains; They have created commercial products as books, yantra, tantras, and many other such things.Some of them built empires of their ashrams and bank balances.Thousands of religious organizations have emerged to serve the people in the name of religious practices including yoga and meditation etc. some of them have been rendering good social and community services through their health and education programmes.


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