Love is the Greatest Gift

Love is the Greatest Gift
One day an old American woman visited the great American President Abraham Lincoln. The woman asked the audience with the President which she was given promptly. When she arrived, she carried with her a covered basket.

The President greeted her expecting her to be bringing him another problem. He asked politely – “My good woman, what is in your basket?” She uncovered the basket and said – “Mr President, I have heard that you like fresh-baked cookies. So I have brought some for you.” The President got astounded to see this, still to hear her problem he looked at her and said – “Is there anything else?” She said – “No Sir. I have come here today not to ask any favor for myself, just to give you these cookies.”

Tears came in the President’s eyes and he stood speechless for a while. Finally he said – Your thoughtfulness and unselfish deed greatly moves me. Thousands of people come to my office, but you are the first person to come asking no favor for yourself or for somebody else, only to give me my favorite cookies. Thank you very much.”

[People usually pray God when they are in trouble, sometimes they should pray Him without any reason also. He should be more pleased with us in those times.

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