Strength of the Humility

The Strength of Humility
Once the US President went out to see the situation of the city. Somewhere a group of soldiers was trying to lift a large branch of a tree from their way. The Corporal was standing by their side instructing them to work harder, but they were unable to move it. A stranger was riding on his horse and he observed what was going on. He said to the Corporal – “Just help them to move this branch, if you help them they will be able to move it. Why don’t you help them? ” The Corporal replied – “That is not my job, I am the Corporal. It is their work, they should do it.”

The stranger did not hesitate a moment, immediately he dismounted from his horse, and helped the group of the soldiers to move that log. This additional strength helped them to move the log. After moving it, the stranger mounted his horse and said to the Corporal – “Next time you need to move some heavy thing and you need a help, call for the Commander-in Chief.” and went away his way.

It was then that men realized that the stranger was none other than George Washington – the first President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief of the army.

[This even symbolizes true humility. None is so great that he cannot lend a helping hand to someone in need, after all we all are all enlivened by God. We should let off our ego and think of the truly great people who are always ready to serve humanity.]

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