Teacher’s Day

To day I watched the Prime Time Show of NDTV presented by Ravish Kumar. It was really nice to watch and observe a few things from the show. Ravish ji invited some of the teachers out of 345 who are honoured with President award for their excellent services and extra ordinary contributions to raise the standards of education. The awards will be given to these selected teachers from all over India on Teacher’s Day on 5th. September.
From the discussions, it was obvious that there is no specific criteria to say that such and such Private School or Government School is good for its performance; nothing can be said similarly about the teachers whether a permanent teacher is good or bad in comparison to a Contractual teacher. Salary , low or higher also does not matter.Dedication of teachers and resources available to the schools are important for the quality of education.
I am sure that some kind of survey through questionnaire must have been conducted , at least taking the views and opinions of these award-es as well as their experiences from their schools. Out of that feedback a good document could be prepared to circulate widely in the schools for the awareness of other teachers. It could be a quite motivating document to other teachers. It is never late if not done already, Ministry of Human Resources and Development.


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