My Father: last moments with him

July, 1973,; My father was very sick with broken hip bone at home , I received a telegram from home that I must immediately reach home. I did reached home immediately by first available train. As I reached home, my father was very emotional and started crying …. repeatedly mentioning that these are his last days, he is going to die soon. It was very emotional moment for me too. We took him to Bijnor District Hospital. ( How I managed to take him to Binor with his back broken bone ???; Also that why my younger brother left him in that condition?? of course , others were in their place of working away from the town ). He was admitted and taken good care immediately, given a place in semi-private ward for recovery.Myself and my mother were taking care of him. Through out , he was on Glucose drip , his condition never improved, worsening day by day. I have been planning to shift him to Dehra Dun.It was 25th July 1973, in the night that his condition got worst. To my ignorance, I could not notice that he was under heart attack. Doctor on duty was so careless, sleeping all the time. Even on my repeated requests and approach, he never attended him , just gave him Bromide mixture to calm down/ relax the system. In the early morning ( 26th July, 1973) , I have to call the Civil Surgeon, so nice of him, he immediately attended him and arranged the Oxygen cylinder. He came to visit him several times, told me that he was under severe heart attack and looking at his health condition, it would not be possible for him to survive, rather, it is matter of a few minutes and advised me to take out the Oxygen and let him breath naturally during his last moments. He did ordered to remove the cylinder and he died just after a few moments.It was Lala Gyan Prakash ji, Mahesh’s father who was on his bed side, closed his eyes and covered his face.Terrible moment for me. He was staring at me as perhaps, he wanted to say some thing but unable to say as his tongue was speechless. He looked helpless to express himself but folded his hands for greetings. I wonder that he had the sense of Greetings..He died in peace; I did not notice any fear, pain or regret during his last moments.
Perhaps, he could have been saved if timely help would have given to him? Any way, he lived a meaningful and purposeful life by serving the people and the community from the core of his heart.
My mother left on previous evening for Ekadshi fast and prayers at home hence, she was unfortunate to bid farewell to her husband;
No body else , my brothers or sisters was present at this time. I was all alone.
I could not cry, though broken completely and thoroughly accused myself not to take care of his ill health during his living time;Regretted but for what use now?
It was my well wisher and friend, Mahesh who arranged every thing for his funeral, taking his body to my home town, JHALU in a truck and then to Ganj near the bank of Ganga for final funeral etc.
It was about 10 AM when I reached home , my mother was still worshipping at home.
My brothers came later , never bothered to ask rest of the things as how we managed to look after him in the hospital or should they share the cost / expenses of funeral etc.. As unconcerned as they were and they are even to day.
My father wanted to see his grandson, so I have to call Virendra who brought Malanki to Bijnor. My father looked very happy and satisfied after meeting my son.
This was the second death I witnessed in my life after the death of my grandfather on July 1, 1953 ( also by severe heart attack).


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