Decisions and actions change from time to time according to individual’s circumstances- conditioning according to environment, perception ( knowledge and understanding ) , experience , exposure , priorities and many other social, religious and economic factors; At every distinct stage of life when you evaluate and assess your past, you feel that you could have done this or you should have done that or you would have done a particular thing in some other way. Every sensible person may realize this kind of situation at various stages of life . It is quite normal for every person.In fact it  just happens to be like that unknowingly  because of our ignorance and negligence or being busy with different perspectives and priorities; do not think to give back something to them who so rightly deserve though never demand or expect anything from us. Even to day , I may not be knowing as what I am supposed to do.  I wish if there are some standard guidelines available at the appropriate time to all of us in the society. Perhaps, Bhagvad Gita may answer many of our questions if we. try to understand the underlying philosophy of Gita.

In my retirement when I look back at my past, I do realize that for my ignorance, negligence , inexperience or different priorities at particular time, I could not do certain things which I would have done. I would like to mention  a few of my regrets of life here:



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