RITUALS, Prayers and Yajna etc

RITUALS, Prayers and Yajna etc. 


Isvara, the Lord is to be recognized in the form of various and numerous cosmic forces , aspects or elements. These forces are viewed individually and are called devatas or devas or deities .

The Sun, Water, Fire, Air and Earth ( they are most visible to us ) and numerous other aspects or elements of WHOLE- the GOD , in the form of devatas or deities have been doing their respective jobs to sustain our lives for the time immemorial. What they have been giving us, we must also give them back something in return, at least recognition and appreciation by remembering them, by offering them oblation and prayer. They do not need anything from us but we need to respect them which is done in the form of prayers, yajan and rituals.

Out of these crores of devi devatas, FIVE, Ganeshji, Durgaji, Vishnu, Mahesh ( Shivji) and Suryadevji are worshipped daily by most of us. Among these five, SUN is not only the visible devata but most visible one . A recognition and sensitivity is involved here and therefore, we are advised that we must rise in time ( before the sun rise ) to welcome the Sun. The Sun is a blessing and when a blessing comes one should not be sleeping. One must be wide awake for its coming to receive the blessings.


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