KRISHNA and RAM: Comparison

Both are reincarnation- Avtar of Shri Vishnu but they came at different times with different missions;

1; Ram was born as a Prince in Soorya Vansh while Krishna was born in Chandra Vansh with struggle in the prison;

2; Ram was born at MID-Noon while Krishna was at MID-Night;

3. Ram ruled as King , Krishna never ruled as King;

4. Ram had only one wife while Krishna had several;

5. Ram killed killed Indra’s son, Bali and saved Soorya’s son Sugreev; while Krishna saved Indra’s son Arjun and managed to kill Soorya’s son Karan;

6.Ram Lived 11,000 years while Krishna lived only 125 years;

7. Ram foght a war HIMSELF while Krishna never fought a war ( even avoided the war and hence known as RANCHHOD);

8. Ram travelled from North to South while Krishna mostly from West to East;

9. Ram never preached while Krishna was a great preacher ( known as Jagatguru) and gave a great philosophy of Geeta even in the battle field.

10.Ram as a Prince , had education from two Braham Rishis; Vashist ji and Vishwamitraji; ( any way , Ramayan was the time of Rishis .. ) while Krishna had formal education from Rishi, Sandeepanji;


For more detailed information, you may browse following link;




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