SHER MAAR PANJU; Our earliest known ancestor; Historical Background of our family

A little background about our family as I knew from my grandparents and other elders; It comes from a small rural background, small town, JHALU, (Bijnor, UP). Our ancestors lived here for long time, but the earliest story is known that they were land lords and their rivals, pathans-a muslim community also had farm lands over there. On one occasion of RAKSHABANDAN day, those pathans killed all our male ancestors and then according to the custom of that time, ladies committed SATTI (Satti was the rituals those days that after the death of husband, widow used to self immolate). We still have that old Satti House in the town. In fact, our Grah Devta also lives there.In earlier days, we used to go there and bring our Grah Devta home for important ceremonies like marriage, naming and yagopaveet etc. It was only one pregnant lady living with her parents away from Jhalu, survived. Later, she gave birth to a baby boy who when grew adult , thought seriously to find out his roots. In fact, a deep feeling of revenge for that carnage happened to his ancestors. Having this in mind and determination , with all opposition from his mother and other parental relatives, he walked to JHALU. He came up to our garden ( where we had a well and a small room for shelter) near KHARI , he faced a lion. The lion was chased by the ruler (Nawab) of Ruhelkhand for hunting. He had no option except to face the lion. He took out his turban and inserted in the mouth of the lion and thus lion was suffocated and died. Nawab chasing the lion , found the young boy holding the lion dead. He appreciated his courage and awarded him the title of ” SHER MAAR PANJU” ( meaning the person who killed the lion by his Punja-hands ) for his bravery. He was so pleased that he further on asking his welfare etc. awarded him back the land of his ancestors and asked the pathan to go away from the town to a new town established for their resettlement- NAWADA KALAN ( New village/settlement ) and warned them not to look back for any revenge or atrocities to the young person. He then, resettled in his ancestors town , JHALU with all his property and land given back to him. I could not get his real name but SHER MAAR PANJU. He is the most recent historical ancestor of our GARG family which is now quite big and wide spread all over, ( broadly known Mahalwals,kothiwalasand us ) , now only a few are left in the town.

My own immediate family: There are no details available in between Sher Maar Panju and our ancestors- Shri Banwari Das; Banwari Das were two brothers: Perhaps, he was the younger one.The elder brother had two sons. One son died early and left a widow the other son had two sons and two daughters; Shri Babu Ram ( with no family ) and Sita Ram who later settled in Najibabad with his paternal family. one daughter , Ram Katorie was married to Shri Babu Ram ji ( from Chandpur ) who finally settled in DehraDun. We had very good relationship with that family ( Bhai saheb, Shri Ram Gopal ji was wonderful person, most caring and loving even more than our real ones; his wife was equally great person; we always enjoyed their association and relationship ) . They lived long time at 5, Cement Road, later in Kali Mandir Enclave.Ram Kali, another daughter was widowed and lived with her brothers Babu Ram Ji and Sita Ram ji.

Shri Banwari Das had five sons and one daughter; Shri Ram Swarup Mal, Shri Bihari Lal Gupta, Shri Chhangi Mal, Shri Jagan Nath ji and Har Prashad Vaish, and daughter smt. Katoria Devi.

Katoria Devi was married in Nehtaur ; who had two sons,Shri Musaddi Lal ji and I knew only shri Damodar Das ji ( known as Munder ) who used to live with her sister Parvati Devi who was married to ……( Tehsildar ) in Chandpur. Dadi ji used to come quite often to live with us in Jhalu. She was a nice and a simple person and I remember her very well as she used to cook Bajre ki roti very well. Parvati Buwa ji had two sons-Dr. Rameshwar Prasad Mittal ( my local guardian in Chandpur; very popular, successful and perhaps, only doctor – a medical professional – during those days in Chandpur; He was also a classmate of my father in Agra Medical College) ; Dr. Ram Niwas who was a Dentist and setlled in Bijnor. Buwaji,s daughter, Vidya Devi was married in our Kothiwala,s family in Jhalu; she had two sons, Sushil Kumar and Krishna Kumar; ( They used to live with Dr. Rameshwar Prasad Mittal in Chandpur after the early premature death of their father ). well, I lost contact after I left Chandpur from that family of Dadi ji;

Shri Har Prasad Vaish , the youngest of his brthers lived in Muzaffarnagar as his wife, Dadi ji from Dadri was the only child of her parents and she inherited property in Muzaffarnagar. Baba ji was educated, high school , used to speak good English ( how and where was he educated ????); He was a civil contractor; both Dadi ji and Babaji were excellent persons and very social , affectionate and helping people. They were quite visible all over during all the occasions of family.They had three daughters=Indira ji, Kamla ji and Ramla ji; Indira Buwa ji was married to an engineer, Shri Jai Prakash Agrawal , son of shri (Master) Ram Nivas ji in Bijnor, later settled in Jabalpur.Ramla ji and Kamla ji also settled in Muzaffarnagar after the death of Babaji. He was great man and we have yet to see a person of his style in our family. I have several memories of my own experience with him. I will write them somewhere else.

Shri Jagan Nath: was the second youngest brother among his five brothers. I never saw him, he died very young and his family met a very tragic end.He was not very active person, had no means of earning. Family gave him responsibility of attending social obilgations on behalf of the family. He was not very capable or able person, perhaps poorest of all his brothers in all respects. He was married in village Tajpur, and Dadi ji was known as Tajpurni. They had two sons, Krishan Kumar and Om Prakash ( commonly known as OMI ); all their uncles, especially baba Bihari Laj ji tried to educate them but of no avail. They did not do any thing in their lives except loafing around and living on the little income they had from their property and support from the family members ( it used to be very strongly bound collective and united family, impossible now to imagine that kind of cooperation and feelings for each other in the family); They lived really in poverty and very miserable conditions; They had very little intelligence, common sense or understanding. They really had very poor destiny and prarabhadh. Dadi ji were two sisters, one was married in a very rich family of Bijnor. Shri Ajit Prasad , her husband was the top most lawyer of those days in Bijnor while the other sister was married here in Jhalu in very poor conditions. She had, perhaps the worst fate of her life, never saw any thing good in her life, very pathetic. In her young age, she lost her husband whatever he was with the responsibility to look after two sons who troubled her through out her life as they were born with a specific purpose to trouble her and maker her life more miserable.Dadi lived in other house of the family though used to come our house on daily basis for some thing or the other. She was never free from problems/troubles.She was very nice person by her nature , very loving and affectionate person. I had special consideration for her and great sympathy for her. I always had a desire in my heart if I could help her in any way.I always visited her and asking for her welfare.Her sons used to beat her to extract even the smallest thing she had and used to ask her to come us and ask for the money etc.My own family helped her in all possible way, all the time.The last part of her life is really pathetic and worth mentioning here.Baba, Har Prasad ji, once came from Muzaffarnagar and scolded Dadi ji that she is the only one who has given her sons undue shelter and support and spoilt them. Let her go with him to live in Muzaffarnagar and leave them behind on their fate. This way they will learn their lesson and will do something to live with out depending on her. She went away with him to Muzaffarnagar. It worked to some extent as both started working some thing here and there having no other options left. Krishna Kumar who was working in watermelon farm as watchman was caught by LOO ( very hot air during the month of May, causing dehydration and many other ailments ) and ultimately by severe Cholera suffered a terminating situation and died in a very short time , all of a sudden. Poor transportation and medication facilities in the town, he could not be given proper treatment Perhaps, he could have been saved if timely taken to District Hospital, Bijnor. Unfortunate and helpless situation . ( Perhaps, he was not alone, in those days, how many would have died in the town with out proper or adequate medical facilities ). Dadi ji was called back from Muzaffarnagar , for what, just to mourn her elder son. She was terribly shocked and saddened and was broken from this event. She was very much unhappy, angry, frustrated and disappointed with every one in the family.

My grandfather, assessing the situation and to change it, arranged the marriage of the younger one with a girl, our family arranged ( rather bought by paying Rupees 5000/-, which was very common practice in those days for the rich people ) from a hilly village in Garhwal. Anandi Chachi was one of the most beautiful girl in our family. She was quite young and certainly no match with Om Prakash uncle who later never cared for her, rather never treated her as his wife, had no love, attraction or association with her. It was his incapability to give any importance to any relationship , not only to his wife. However, it gave some consolation to dadi ji in her grieved situation. She got busy in looking after her. The burden of expenses, directly and indirectly came to my grandfather.

Time passed and Dadi got a grandson, very handsome. She forgot all the previous sufferings and got busy in the child. She was very happy, satisfied and contended with this changed situation. I used to go very often to meet Dadi ji as I had great sympathy with her and she was also very affectionate to me. She used to be very glad whenever I visited her. Once, she asked me that I must look after this boy and develop him. I promised her to do and she had a trust in me. I also decided that I will do my best to bring up the boy . After a few years, when the boy was about five years old, he got very severe attack of smallpox and died with its complications ( again a case of poor medical care and facilities at home and in the town ). Dadi was shattered and I think completely exhausted with the calamities and miseries of life; tolerated the loss of her husband at her young age; tolerated the death of his adult and fully grown son and now the last hope of the grandson is also gone. Chachi ji went back her home in the hills and Dadi ji was left alone to bear all the sorrows and loneliness. She died soon after that. No one cared for her son , Omi after her death. He wandered here and there and survived perhaps a few years with bare minimum resources and died in mysterious circumstances. Government did all the last rites. During his last years of life for his survival, he sold out whatever property ( a small house, some shops etc.) .

This is the end of the family and the property. I do not understand as why GOD punished Dadi ji and that family so much that they never saw any thing good in their life except the troubles, miseries and sorrows all the time. VERY TRAGIC END. I do not understand the purpose of their coming to this world and their existence.


The third brother of my grandfather lived in the town as a businessman; calm and quiet person; never saw two brothers talking to each other except only occasionally on the festivals. It is not because that they had any differences but just like that of the tradition or whatever during those days. .He had four sons, Raja Ram, Rameshwar Prasad, Jagdish Prasad and Ishwar Chandra and one daughter , Sumerni Devi. Raja Ram ji lived in Kanpur working in a cotton mill, was not associated with the family. I saw him, perhaps only once or twice. He married a tribal girl, had a daughter and a son. Son, Adesh Kumar settled in Jhansi, I met them only once, but my sister, Rajo met him while her husband was posted in Jhansi. Lost contact with them, rather with all the family members after the death of Dadi ji and Baba ji. Rameshwar Prasad worked as Store Keeper with MES and settled with his family in Agra . He had five daughters. After a long time while I was in DehraDun working with ONGC, I got the first and last letter from about the matrimonial alliance negotiations he had with a family in DehraDun. No news after that. It was a nice family. I used to visit chachi ji very often when chacha ji was working with his father in Jhalu. She was a very nice and loving person.Jagdish Prasad got his eduction in Lucknow and obtained his MSW and worked as Social Welfare Officer with government of UP. I remember going in his wedding party to Kandhla. Lost contact with him and the family for last 60 years or so now ( 2010); Ishwar Chandra, the youngest one though elder to me in age but was very much in our play group. I used to be his partner in the game of playing cards and it used to be difficult to defeat us as we could know the cards of each other. I very often remember him and wish I must meet him some time. I have so many sweet memories of him. I lost my contact with him also now for long time. I heard of him from my younger brother, Gultoo when he was working in Bhilai that he was working as chartered accountant in a very good position in Bilaspur. Buwa ji, Sumerni was married in Anwla ( Distt. Shahjanpur ), met last time in 1974 or so. No idea about her family.

We all used to live as very close family, but now all are lost in the wilderness of this world.

To day , no body from our family lives in Jhalu and none of us have any thing left over there, our house, land or whatsoever- only memories- haunting memories. In this old age , I very often, almost every day, visit my home town in my dream or even before going to sleep, remember so many people and so many things. WHY? WHY?

Shri Bihari Lal Gupta; He was next to my own grandfather. I never knew as how could he get his eduction to be an Executive Engineer , Department of Irrigation, Government of UP. It is only when I got retired, have been thinking about my family and family tree etc. I thought about him as having only a small primary school in Jhalu, how could he get his education in those days without any guidance and counseling etc. and not coming from the background of any educated family. I asked my uncle, Shri Ved Prakash , then only surviving eldest person in our family ( 2004 ) about him. He told then not only about him but all others in the family as how they got educated. Shri Bihari Lal Gupta retired as Executive Engineer ( a very prestigious post in those days as only very few Indians used to get such posts ) construction of famous SHARDA Canal near Khatima to his credit. With all his rich resources, he settled in DELHI, 10 Subzi Mandi, Delhi 6; It is a big house, visited only once with no memory now about it. He had one daughter from his first wife from Ludhiana , PRASANDI DEVI GUPTA, lived at 10 Darya Ganj, Delhi. I met her only once when she came Jhalu in 1961 to attend my wedding.; 5 sons and five daughter from the second wife ; Dr. Dharmendra Gupta, Daya Inder Gupta, Dr. Rajendra Gupta and Mahendra Gupta; one daughter married in Kanpur ( her husband used to be the Principal , BNSD College, one of the best performing Intermdiate College in those days ); one married in DehraDun, died very early; I met her son, Anand who used to work with Chugh,s Company in 1960s; visited their house once when Phophaji, who used live some where in Africa, came to DehraDun.;one married in Etawah; I visited her in 1961 for the first and last time. when went there to attend a wedding of Sushma,s cousin. The youngest one ( Gyan Buwaji ) was married to Shri Hori Lal ji in Bijnor. As she was very near to Jhalu, she and we used to visit each other very often especially on special occasions like marriage etc. She was very lively and affectionate person. Babaji used to visit to us quite often and I remember he used to stay in the our other house in the first floor, he especially designed and constructed with two doors and six windows. He used to bring lot of gifts for me. He loved me very much.

Dr. Dharmendra Gupta, I met only once when he was posted in Meerut District Hospital; met once, Dr. Rajendra ( married to Madalsa, daughter of Shri Girvar Charan Lal, District Judge, Bijnor , 1961; developed the project of renovating Vidur Kuti at a grand scale ) came to attend my wedding in Aligarh from Bulandshar where he was posted in District Hospital. He was an ophthalmologist. Now living in Bareilly with his son, having their own clinic.No idea about Mahendra uncle ji.

We had a good contact with Gyan Buwaji who used to live in Bijnor; Parsandi Buwaji lived 10 Darya ganj, Delhi, came to attend my wedding;Ved buwaji, I met her first time and last time, only once ;They lived in Etawah who invited me and Sushma for lunch when we visited Etawah in 1961.

Well, we lost contact with his family later on and do not know much about them.

Shri Ram Swaup Mal , my own grand father was popularly known in the town as Bhgat ji. He was very simple, disciplined and religious person, kind hearted and generous person. He did not know much about vedic scriptures but perhaps, even unknowingly, he was following them. He was not educated, he was not even literate; hardly travelled out of town, knew nothing about the external world; his needs and desires were bare minimum; he was very healthy person, I never saw him sick and asking any help for his personal matters. He was land lord, managing small farm lands in various places and earned good money by doing some petty business also; He was married in Bijnor , but no body or any property etc exist in their name in Bijnor; my grand mother had one brother and one sister ( married in Kiratpur, had one son, Shri Mangoo Lal ji who had his small nice family; uncle Mangoo lal ji disappeared in mysterious circumstances, never returned back and his family was shattered; Dadi ji, his mother, my grand mother,s sister came to live with us and aunte with her children went to her parents in Chandpur). My grandmother,s brother had one son and one daughter; daughter was married in Mandawar to Shri Mahasheya Raghubir Saran ji ( had two sons, Ram Awtar ji and Prem Awtar ). We used to visit them occasionally on various occasions, very affectionate family, now lost contact with them since long, may be fifty years or so ); My grandmother,s nephew Shri Krishan Lal had one son , Rishi, very handsome personality died very young a very tragic death with brain cancer ( thus the last of their family was gone to end the family line); two daughters, one married in Hasanpur and the other married in Roorkee ( unfortunately, I never met them); Grandmother,s nephew, Tau ji used to come to live with us in Jhalu at time to time, a nice but sad person for obvious reasons- loosing every thing, he had, very unfortunate situation);

My grandfather though very much living in the world but with least attachments, interests and concerns but very responsible and duty bound; most conteded person. He had three sons , Brij Bhushan Saran Gupta, Shri Kanhaiya Lal Garg and Ved Prakash Garg and a daughter, Chameli Devi.I am the most lucky person among all my brothers and cousins having all the love and affection from my grandfather. In fact, I received maximum love from all my relatives and people in the town. My grandfather died without any ailment through out his life, at the age of 85 or so , within a few minutes by heart attack, on July 1, 1953 . It was a great shock for me as I lost the person who loved and cared for me the most. He told me so many things of practical life and importance of our religious and cultural rituals, though his conversation with his family members was bare minimum. I never saw him talking to his sister or daughter but just casually.

He built a water well and a small shelter near the village of Redhwa, Gandaspur and Sikandarpur; planted two pipal trees; incidently , it was June, 1, 1936 , the day I was born. In those days , it was a great help to the people traveling or working in that area as there was no water source or shed near by. There is small platform of our family deity ( grah devta) . We worship them ( a pair of white snakes , locally known as Bhure Singh Devta )on special occasions like some one,s marriage in the family; a son born in the family etc.It is supposed that they take care of our family. We give them full honour. In 2008, when I visited the place, I found that the geography and topography of that place has completely changed; It is now all green with lot of water sources around .

My grandfather and grandmother used to go for Ganges bath at Ganj every year on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. I always accompanied them and enjoyed the trip; two incidents to mention here :

(1) one time, I was watching that young boys and people were taking dives into the ganga which used to flow in very turbulent and floody state during this month and at this time. I thought if they could do that diving and swimming , why not I can do that. It was only the direction of GOD that at the last moment I got scared and did not do that deadly diving, otherwise, in those high currents of Ganga, I would have just gone;

(2) I do remember visiting with my Baba ji an ashram of Brahamchari ji in Nizamatpura/Islamabad about 2 miles south of Ganj. This place strangely and spiritually recognized by the local people for many miracles and mysterious happenings . No doubt, Brahamchari ji had great devine powers to help really needy people with out any self interest and greed . ( 2008; when, I visited Ganj and the place where Ganga ji used to flow, there was no sign of Ganga,s flow even during the flood time in rainy season. It was all dry for a far distance place. One could see some kind of garden and farming at a long distance in the middle of Ganga ji. It was very shocking to look at this devastating change. Only the old ghats, temples were lying on the bank side of Ganga and waiting perhaps, for their further destructions in future.

My Uncle: Shri Ved Prakash Garg 😦 3rd. April,1917 )

The youngest of his brothers and sister got his Engineering education from Roorkee University and joined MES- Military Engineering Services; married to Savitri Devi, daughter of Lala Hannu Mal of Najibabad. They did not have any child of their own. They adopted a daughter, Santosh, daughter of one of the sister of my auntie. In fact, my uncle tried his best to adopt me but my mother never agreed fot it. I lived with uncle in Meerut, Lucknow and DehraDun for some time as he wanted to attract me but of no use. After his retirement in 1976, he lived in DehraDun for the rest of his life. I arranged that nice house at Rajpur Road of Mr. Poddar who sold his house to my uncle and left for Calcutta. I must mention a short story in this context. When I was going to join my new job in Nigeria, my uncle was little sad and mentioned that he settled in DehraDun so that I could do his funeral and last rights after his death. I replied to him ” uncle, it hardly matters as what happens to one after the death, some one may through his body in the gutter or take it to Ganges, however, one should care and love while alive. ” In fact , he did not do any thing for his family members, cousins, brothers and sister etc For a short time, under the influence of Rama Krishna Mission , he served the patients in the hospital with fruits and medicines etc. I certainly wrote him a few letters during last five years of his life after the death of my auntie as he was living alone in that big house; that he must donate his money and property through a trust possibly naming the trust in the name of auntie for the good cause of the society like education or health; his cousins are well to do, do not need his money; Santosh , her children or other relatives in his in-laws family are also well to do , do not need his money. But unfortunately, reasons best known to him, he did not do that and left every thing for Santosh and her children. They can never enjoy this unearned , undeserved money and property. Unfortunately, he did not leave any thing for Ramesh who served him very sincerly for almost for a quarter century; also nothing to his brother in law, Rishi who had been taking his personal care ( Rishi, himself is also well to do, retired from MES and nicely settled in DehraDun, did not need his money or any thing ); Died in December 2008.

My uncle, Shri Kanhaiya Lal Garg: ( 3rd August, 1913 )

Very intelligent person, a science graduate of DAV College, Kanpur, joined State Civil Service. He could have gone up in the heirarchy of his cadre but for his greed and short term benefits. He was basically a literary man but lost his talent in other worldly affairs. He has written very interesting poems. His memory was excellent, remembered most the RAMAYAN and will recite very relevant dhohas/chopai etc. to the occasion; He lost his eldest and very handsome son, Vinod and was shattered. He left two sons, Dinesh Kumar Garg and Rakesh Kumar Garg, four daughters, Sharda, Asha, Bimla and Madhu; all of them nicely settled with their families except poor Rakesh who struggled through out his life, married twice still lived alone.Dinesh retired from UP Electricity Board as Executive Engineer and settled in DehraDun. He has two sons. I used to visit my uncle and his family during my vacation .I very vividly remember my visit to them in Shahajanpur.A wonderful family of intellectuals.

( visited an ashram on the bank of the river, );


My father, the eldest of his brothers and sister was a professional Medical Doctor- a student of Agra Medical School, one of the two schools then in UP; the other one in Lucknow. A very simple , social and responsible person. Would be remembered in our town for his dedicated community services.He was a very popular doctors not only in our town but around several villages nearby; only professional doctor in that locality rendering A-Z medical services. He was never a greedy person , only service oriented; He could have been a rich person but he died as a poor person only with some debts on him. At times, he had no money, borrowed from here and there for day to day survival

My brother: Lakshmi Narain Gupta ( )

My brother Santosh Kumar Gupta (1st March, 1946 )

My brother Virendra Kumar Gupta ( )

My brother Krishan Mohal Lal Garg ( 16th December, 1955 )

My Sister Lakshmi Devi Mehta

My Sister Raj Bansal


Regret; खेद, ; my younger brother

One of my younger brother is left behind all of us for whatever reasons.

At time, I wondered as how he is going to manage his day to day affair when he took voluntary retirement from a dying corporation. He must have got some savings, some money in his CFP and other benefits etc. but that money will loose its value in future and making it worthless. Not only that it would its value, it will not even be enough .One can see it now as the value of money in 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010 and now simply paper.

I was worried about his old age when he will need more resources for the health problems which are bound to come to all of us. Medical expenses for medicines, medical procedures in hospitals and time to time check ups are huge and they would not be covered by the corporation which is already dead, not existing at all.

For the children, son and daughter , it is not easy to support the parents from their limited income and means and managing the affairs of their own families. They can support their parents only if they have health coverage for their parents from their employers.

During 1970s , I had good relationships with the management of ONGC , even later after I left ONGC, I had very good contacts ( even some of my colleagues became the part of management), I could have easily fixed him in some job/position according to his qualifications and experience . The main advantage could have been the medical support for his family for the rest of his life- a big relief.

Just like many other things, it never occured to me to act in that direction and I add another regret in the list of my regrets of life.

In a previous blog, I wrote regret not doing any thing for my parents;http://Regret; खेद, ; my younger brother;postID=3648407691673034737;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=5;src=postname

Scary moment: Flood in CHHOEYA River

An earlier story has been given in a previous blog:

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बचपन की कुत्छ और पुरानी यादों में से यह घटना भी श्रावणी के अवसर पर गंगा स्नान तथा पूजा करने की है ! प्रितीयेक वर्ष की भांति , एक और किसि वर्ष , हम ( बाबाजी, दादी जी और मैं ) , दारानगर गंज गए थे ! पूजा पाठ , स्नान आदि से निपट के पश्चात , लगभग एक बजे भोजन किया था ! हर साल की भांति , दादी जी , आलू , पूरी , अचार के साथ स्वदिस्थ भोजन लाती थीं ! घर वापिस आने की तय्यारी कर रहे थे कि वर्षा प्रारम्भ हो गयी ! वर्षा का वेग बढ़ता ही गया ! प्रितिक्षा करते रहे कि वर्षा कम हो तो घर वापिस चलें ! वर्षा तो कम होने का नाम ही नहीं ले रही थी , वोह तो बढती ही जा रही थी! विचार किया, बाबा जी ने कहा कि शाम होने से पहले पहले निकल लेना उचित होगा ! येहां कोइ रहने का प्रबंध नहीं है अतह वर्षा में भीगते हुए ही हम लोग घर के लिए वापिस चल दिए ! गंज से, सिकन्दरपुर, रेहरुँवा ,गंदासपुर , होते हुए , चोव्न्क्पुरी होते हुए घर जाना होता है ! येही बेलगाडी का उस समय , सब से उचित मार्ग था ! गंदासपुर से आधा मील दूर गए थे कि छोएया नदी आ गयी ! भरी वर्षा के कारण , नदी तो पूरे उफान पर थी ! गढ़ गधगढ़ात के साथ, छोएये में अतियाधिक पानी , अतियाधिक गती से बहता जा रहा था ! कुत्छ देर प्रितिक्षा की ! शाम तो ढलती जा रही थी, रात्री का अन्धेरा आता जा रहा था! यही नदी जब प्रातः में आये थे तो सुखी पड़ी थी !

छोएया नदी बरसाती नदी है , जो यदि वर्षा ना हो तो लग भग खाली /सुखी ही रहती है! अधिक वर्षा के कारण, विशेषकर, यदि , गढ़वाल ( हिमालया के पहाड़ का भाग) में अधिक वर्षा हो जाये तो फिर छोएये में पानी आ जाता है! वहीं से छोएये का उद्गम है , और बिजनोर जिले में, उत्तर से दक्षिण की ओंर बहते हुए यह रसूल भंवर अह्त्म्ली के पास गंगा जी में मिल जाता है ! छोर्ये पर बड़े बड़े मार्गों पर तो छोटे पुल हैं परन्तु , छोटे छोटे रास्तों में कोई पुल या पुलिया नहीं है ! साधारण दिनों में सभी ऐसे ही नदी से हो कर चले जाते हैं!

अब तो रात लग भग हो ही चुकी थी, छोएया को पार करना असम्भव था ! सुखन सिंह, हमारी गाडी वाला तो छोयेया पार करने के लिए ही कहता रहा , परन्तु , बाबा जी ने निर्नियेय लिया कि वापिस चला जाये और गंदासपुर में रात्री में विश्राम किया जाये ! गंदासपुर आ गये , हमारे किसान भाई भी बहुत खुश थे कि उन्हें , भगत जी ( बाबा जी को उनके किसान , भ्क्त्जी ही कह कर स्म्भोतित करते थे! ), की सेवा का अवसर मिलेगा !

सब ने मिल कर हमारे खाने, पीने , रात्री में सोने आदि का अपनी और से स्र्वौत्त्म प्रभंध किया ! मुझे तो वहां

बहुत अछा लगा ! वर्षा तो रात भर होती ही रही ! गंदासपुर तथा उस रेहेनेवाले स्थान का वर्णन करूं तो एक और कहानी बन जायेगी ! वहां का वातावरण , भीनी भीनी खुशबू , पशुओं की आवाजें , आदि, आदि ! घर कच्चे थे परन्तु बड़े बड़े और साफ़ सुथरे थे !

यदि हम लोगों ने नदी पार का प्रियस किया होता तो समभ्त , यह ब्लॉग लिखने का अवसर न मिलता, छोएया , हम को , गंगाजी में विलीन कर देता ! यह सोच कर तथा उस घटना को सोच कर भी , आज भी भय भीत हो जाता हूँ! भगवान, स्वम् , उचित मार्ग दिखा कर हमारी रक्षा करते हैं !

EMOTIONAL MOMENTS with my youngest brother: Krishna Mohan Lal Garg

t was 2002 when we ( myself, Sameer and Sapna ) visited India; After visiting several places, Sameer went back to USA from Hyderabad via Bombay; Myself and Sapna , after visiting a few more places, came to visit my youngest brother and his family in DehraDun. In short, I used to call him MOHAN.

After staying a few days with them, we also came to USA. Our friend, PNMathur , Madhu-, Pradeep,,s wife ( very affectionate person) came to see us off at DehraDun Railway station. Train was to leave for Delhi, Mohan hugged me very strongly and started crying aloud as we were departing for ever. It was a great emotional moment for us. It became even more special when he left / departed in real after a few months. Whenever I think about that moment, I become very sad. Perhaps Mohan had premonition that we are departing for ever. शायद उसको आभास होगेया था कि भाविशिये में , अब, भेंट नहीं होगी!


हमारे परिवार की परम्परा के अनुसार, हम लोग रक्षा बंधन का पर्व नहीं मानते हैं ! प्र्तियेक वर्ष , बाबाजी, श्रावणी की पूजा के लिए दारानगर गंज जाते थे ! बेलगाडी से, मैं, दादीजी और बाबा जी शीघ्र सवेरे ही गंज की यात्रा पर निकल जाते थे ! वहां जाकर गंगास्नान करते , फिर बाबा जी, अन्य लोगों के साथ पूजा , हवन आदि करते थे! काफी लोग, विभिन, विभिन, स्थानों से श्रावणी पूजन के लिए यहाँ आते थे ! सभी लोग, गांगजी में खड़े होकर अपने अपने यज्ञोपवीत बदलते थे !

सावन का महीना , गंगाजी तो अपने पूरे उफान पर होती हैं ! अत्येअधिक जल तथा गति के साथ बहती हैं ! दुसरा छोर भी दिखाई नहीं देता है ! चारों ओंर जल ही जल दिखाई पड़ता है ! गंगाजी के किनारे अछे पक्के घाट बने हुए हैं ! सुरक्षा के लिए घाटों में कुत्छ सीढ़ियों के बाद , एक मजबूत ज़ंजीर भी डाल कर रखते हैं ! घाटों के दोनों और पक्के पुखते होते हैं , जिस से घाट पर जल का प्रवाह कुत्छ कम हो जाता है और उन्ही पुख्तों में जंजीर भी बाँध देते हैं!

कुत्छ स्थानीय युवक गंगाजी में स्नान करने आते हैं, इस बार भी, काफी युवक आये थे ! यह युवक , उन पुख्तों से कूद कूद कर गंगा जी में तैर कर कुत्छ दूर जाते, फिर पास ही से वापिस आ कर , कूदना, तैरना, निकलना करते ही रहते थे ! बड़ा अछा लगता था, इच्छा होती की मैं भी ऐसा करूं, जब यह कर सकते हैं तो मैं कियों नहीं कर सकता ?

मैं छोटा ही रहा होंगा लग भग १० वर्ष का ! कई बार पुखते पर गया , मन करता कि मैं भी कूद कर यही आनंद लूं जो यह युवक ले रहे हैं! किसी अन्तेह कर्ण की प्रेरणा से बस नहीं कूदा ! बच गया, कंही, कूद गया होता तो, पास में भंवर भी, था, मुझे तो तैरना भी नहीं आता था ! अभी भी तैरना नहीं आता! अब कभी सोचता हूँ , कल्पना करता हूँ उस समय की इस घटना की तो, बस भगवान में विश्वास और बढ़ जाता है कि उनकी प्रेरणा से मैं नहीं कूदा ! God takes care of every one especially the children who are ignorant of certain actions and their results.

EMOTIONAL Moment; Going to Nigeria

In another blog, I wrote another emtional moment of my parents.;postID=8585261243208826873;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=3;src=postname

December 1976, I wound up my job with ONGC and my living from DehraDun. For winding up process, I was so busy and things were messed up that I could not call my mother to stay with us for some time. While going by train from DehraDun to Delhi to join my job in Nigeria, my mother came to see us at JWALAPUR railway station ( she was living with my younger brother- Lakshmi Narain in Jwalapur that time ; perhaps, he was working in BHEL for HSCL ).

My mother was almost crying like a cow separated from her calf. The train was moving and she was going along with it. It was very emotional event for me. It always remain in my memory.

Regret : पश्चताप

कभी कभी , कल्पना तथा विचारों में खो जाता हूँ ! पुराना समय स्मरण हो जाता है !

कल सोच रहा था कि १९६१ से १९७३ तक, १२ वर्षों में ,मैं ONGC में, उस समय के अनुसार उचित पद पर उचित वेतन पर कार्य करता था! इस बीच में,मैं देहरादून, मद्रास, करैकाल, बरोदा, जोधपुर आदि कई स्थानों पर रह कर कार्य करता था! कभी विचार नहीं आया कि माता पित्ता को भी वोह सब स्थान कियों नहीं घुमा दिए ! कभी भी, कहीं से , कुत्छ भी नहीं लाया उनके लिए! एक पाजामा, एक, कमीज या कोइ अन्य वस्तु – कुत्छ भी नहीं लाया, कुत्छ भी नहीं दिया, कुत्छ भी नहीं किया उनके लिए ! पिता जी के लिए केवल , उनके अंतिम समय में ( कियोंके उनके पास वोह भी नहीं थे ) दो बनयान, अस्पताल में, ले कर आया ! दुर्भाग्य है , सब कुत्छ होते हुवे भी कुत्छ नहीं कर पाया! आज, बहुत खेद होता है!

इस खेद का का कुत्छ उपचार , निदान हो सकता है??

स्म्भाव्ते नहीं, सब कार्य अपने समय से होते हैं!

one could easily give some excuses of having limited means, money and housing etc. but when other things in day to day life are managed , why not this could also be accomodated. It is a matter of attitude, emotional intelligence at that particular time or period. It simply does not occur to us to think in that direction.

I can think of main reasons for such kind of situation :

During the age 25-50 years- known as Grahast Ashram, individuals are busy and focused in SELF DEVELOPMENT; career development ; most important in life for sustaining and living a comfortable life ; family development; a natural process designed by God to protect HIS creation- most important responsibility and duty from social, religious and all othe points of view. One has to look after the welfare and development of children so that they can perform the best in their Brahamcharya Ashram to stand in llife independently. In this process of self development , individuals are so much involved that they can not think of other obligations for the family or the society. Though, one is not supposed to do much for the society during this period ( from the age 50-75, we have Van Prasath Ashram to meet these obligations) but one must think a litttle bit of parents especially if they need our support and help. They have done all that for us what we have been doing or wish to do for our children; Our parents must have expected some thing from us as we do from our children.

In fact, we must analyse and assess/ evaluate at time to time at every stage in our life as what are we supposed for the individuals – family members, friends and others in the society aroundus. We have certain obligations yet to be met.

I have written some of my regrets in earlier blog also;;postID=7011055118277005336;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=6;src=postname

Ganesh Jee and Chandramaa (Moon); गणेश चौथ को चन्द्रमा कियों नहीं देखते

Ganesh Jee and Chandramaa (Moon); About Ganesh jee, follow following link;

Once Paarvatee Jee prepared 21 types of delicious food on one of Ganesh Jee’s birthdays. Ganesh Jee ate that food to the content of his heart and came out to take a round of the Universe riding on his mouse that he came to Chandra Lok – Moon’s kingdom. Moon was very proud of his beauty. So seeing the big bellied Ganesh riding on a little mouse, Moon laughed at him.

This was a great insult to Ganesh Jee, so he was very angry with Moon. He gave a Shaap to him – “You are very proud of your beauty. I am being worshipped first all over the world but because of your beauty you laughed at me. This is my Shaap to you that whoever will see you on the 4th day of the Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad month, on my birthday, he will suffer because of unjust accusations.”

The Shaap shattered the pride of the Moon and he asked for his forgiveness and prayed to take back his Shaap. Ganesh Jee got calmed down and said – “My purpose was only to shatter your pride. My purpose is served. Although my Shaap cannot go in vain, but I assure you that those people will regain their good name after seeing you on the 2nd day of the Shukla Paksh, or by listening to the story of Syaamantak Mani (gem).” The Moon got satisfied.

Read more on;

DURVASA RISHI; दुर्वासा ऋषि/मुनि

Posted: 05 Sep 2018 04:40 PM PDT

Biographical details are given on following sites;




Durvasha Muni is very well known for his anger and curses. He has given curses on many occasions to many saints, devtas , Gods and Goddesses : out of many, here , we will discuss a few;

1) Durvaasaa Muni’s anger caused Saagar Manthan – Read Durvaasaa Muni and Indra

(2) Durvaasaa Muni’s anger made Saamb a leper – Read Durvaasaa Muni and Saamb

(3) Durvaasaa Muni’s anger caused Raam to go to His Param Dhaam – Read Durvaasaa Muni and Lakshman

(4) Durvaasaa Muni’s anger caused Krishn to go to His Param Dhaam in the way He did – Read Durvaasaa Muni and Krishn

(5) There was a King named Sahastraaksh who was also cursed by Durvaasaa Muni to become a Raakshas – Trinaavart.

6. Curse to Apsra VAPU,

7. Curse to Devi SARSWATI,

8. Curse to SHAKUNTALA ( daughter of Braham Rishi Vishwamitra and MENKA)

9. Curse to Rukmani

10. Curse to Lord Shiv/ Mahadev ,

11. Curse to the mother of Hanuman,

12 Curse to Lord Vishnu   

13 Curse to Pandavas 

14. Curse to Ganga 


Here is story of another curse of Durvasa Muni:

Durvaasaa Muni and Saamb

Saamb was Krishn’s son from Jaambvatee. He was cursed by Durvaasaa Muni twice.
(1) Once Muni Durvaasaa came to Dwaarakaa wandering around the world. But seeing his lean body with yellow eyes, Saamb started copying his style. Considering that “Saamb is proud of his beauty and youth”, he got angry and he cursed him – “You have made a mockery of my ugliness considering yourself handsome, you will become a leper soon.” Soon he became a leper.

Therefore no one should insult any Devtaa, Guru or Braahman. Vishnu has said two Shlok in this regard – “Who is dutiful, who has won his fame and anger, is learned and polite, doesn’t make other sad, is satisfied with his own wife, leaves other women, there is no fear for such a person in the world. Moon, water, sandal, cool shade do not give such pleasure to a man as sweet words give.” Later he worshipped Soorya Bhagavaan on the advice of his father Krishn and regained his health. Then he inhabited Saambpur on his name and established Soorya there. [Bhavishya Puraan, 1/14]

(2) Although this story has been attributed to Durvaasaa Muni, but in Mahaabhaarat, his name has not been given exclusively, only Braahman term is stated. The story goes like this – once many Rishi were staying near Prabhaas Kshetra. Once some Yaadav princes came there and they thought to play with them. So one prince dressed Saamb as a woman and took him to the Rishi and asked them – “You know everything. This woman is pregnant and wishes to know whether she would give birth a son or a daughter.” As Rishi saw the woman, they understood everything, so Durvaasaa Muni said – “She will give birth to a Moosal (pestle) which will become the cause of the destruction of the Yaadav Vansh.” Hearing this princes got frightened and they rushed to Dwaarakaa and told everything to Ugrasen Jee. Ugrasen Jee got very worried as he knew that Rishi do not tell lies.

Saamb did give birth to a Moosal. Since nothing could be done then, so Ugrasen ordered to grind that iron Moosal and throw the powder in the sea. The Moosal was ground but still a small iron piece remained unground. It was also thrown into the sea. Later that iron powder was grown as grass and that iron piece was recovered by a fisherman who sold it to a maker of arrows. He put it on the tip of his arrow and killed Krishn with that. The grass was used by Yaadav to kill each other. Thus according to Durvaasaa Muni’s Shap that Moosal became the cause of the destruction of the whole Yadu Vansh. [MBH, G-7-Postwar/31]